Thailand Facts for Kids

A Picture of the Thailand Flag
  • Country Name: Thailand
  • Continent: Asia
  • Capital City: Bangkok
  • Primary Language: Thai
  • Population: 64,785,909 (2010 Census)
  • Currency: Baht (THB)
  • GDP: $455.2 billion USD (2017, World Bank)

18 Thailand Facts for Kids

  1. Thailand is a country on the Asian continent (Asia).
  2. A native or resident of Thailand is called a Thai.
  3. The primary language spoken in the Thailand is Thai.
  4. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok.
  5. The population of Thailand was 64,785,909 according to a 2010 census.
  6. According to the estimates by the United Nations in 2019, Thailand is the 20th most populated country in the world.
  7. The national currency of Thailand is the Baht (THB).
  8. In 2017, the World Bank estimated the GDP of Thailand was $455.2 billion USD.
  9. According to estimates by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Thailand was 20th on the list of countries with the highest GDP (PPP) in 2018.
  10. The government of Thailand is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy.
  11. The country of Thailand covers 198,120 square miles.
  12. Thailand is the 50th largest size country by square miles.
  13. Cars in Thailand are driven on the left side of the road.
  14. The country calling code for Thailand is +66.
  15. The ISO 3166 code for Thailand is TH.
  16. Thailand has over 1,400 islands.
  17. It’s estimated that 90% of the people living in Thailand are Buddhists.
  18. Thailand sees rain almost daily between May and September.

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