About the Facts Just for Kids

About Facts Just for Kids, Parents and Students

The Facts Just For Kids website was born out of a parent’s frustration with their student’s school work. This parent found many websites with information needed for the school project. The problem was all the websites have different answers. In 2018, that parent started to build an online resource for fellow parents, teachers and students. That decision resulted in the launch of the Just Facts website in May 2019!

Our mission statement: Provide accurate and verified facts through intensive research. Help break the cycle of false and misleading information on the internet.

Update – Since June 2021, Alony Media has acquired this brand as it is a great fit for our portfolio of websites.

With the continued mission to provide accurate and valuable information to teachers, parents and students, we put a lot of effort into finding the right people to continue work on this site.

About Alony Media

Alony Media is a digital publisher owning various brands across different categories and niches, our focus is to provide value for our readers with easy to read articles that aim to answer our readers questions or research quickly, and send them off with a smile.

We enforce a POSITIVE ONLY content policy which basically means we never publish content that is not meant to bring value to readers, and we try to put a positive spin on every piece we publish.

The team: 

Our writing team assigned to this brand is made up of mainly retired teachers, who have experience in creating information and learning materials for both students and their parents.

It is our goal to turn this site into a leading source for facts and information so that education institutions could use it freely and provide the accurate material they need.