France Facts for Kids

A Picture of the French Flag
  • Country Name: France
  • Continent: Europe
  • Capital City: Paris
  • Primary Language: French
  • Population: 66.99 million (2019)
  • Currency: Euro – € (EUR)
  • GDP: $2.7 trillion (2018)

18 France Facts for Kids

  1. France is a country in Europe.
  2. The primary language spoken in France is French.
  3. A native or resident of France is called French.
  4. The capital city of France is Paris.
  5. In 2019, the population of France was estimated to be 66.99 million.
  6. The national currency of France is the Euro (EUR).
  7. In 2018, the World Bank estimated the GDP for France was $2.7 trillion.
  8. France covers 247,368 square miles.
  9. France is the largest country in the European Union (“EU”).
  10. The largest city in France is Paris.
  11. The government in France is a Unitary semi-presidential republic.
  12. The country calling code for France is +33.
  13. In France, cars are driven on the right side.
  14. The Louvre Museum in Paris, France is the most visited museum in the world.
  15. The Mona Lisa, a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, is a permanent exhibit at the Louvre Museum.
  16. Due to the geometrical shape of France it’s called L’Hexagone (“the hexagon”).
  17. It is estimated over 82 million people visit France annually, making it the most popular tourist destination.
  18. There are over 400 different kinds of cheese that are made in France.

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