34 Fun Facts about Mozambique

Where is Mozambique? Where were the first weapons used? How many chambers of parliament are under this presidential system? Find answers to these and many more here in these fun facts about Mozambique.

34 Fun Facts about Mozambique

Mozambique, which is in southern Africa, is a beautiful country. The climate of Mozambique is tropical, the country is diversified both biologically and culturally, and it possesses a wealth of natural resources.

You may find some of the greatest natural harbors in Africa along this country’s wide coastline, which faces the Mozambique Channel and is opposite the island of Madagascar.

Mozambique has been able to play a significant part in the marine economy of both the Indian Ocean as a result of these factors, and the country’s beautiful beaches made of white sand are an essential draw for the rapidly expanding tourist sector.

Mozambique’s northern and central regions, which are known for their fertile soils, have produced some of the country’s most diverse and plentiful agricultural products.

Additionally, the large Zambezi River has given an adequate amount of water for irrigation, which has served as the foundation for a significant hydroelectric power sector in the surrounding area.

In today’s lesson, you will learn some fascinating and essential information about Mozambique, as well as have some fun facts about Mozambique.

Fun Facts about Mozambique

1. Mozambique is a country in S.E. Africa. Extending thousands of kilometers along the shores of the Indian Ocean, it is a massive region.

2. A total of 801,590 km2  constitutes the State’s landmass. Mozambique ranks as the world’s 36th biggest nation. It’s somewhat bigger than Turkey in size.

3. The country shares boundaries with Eswatini in the south, South Africa in the west, Zimbabwe in the northwest, Zambia and Malawi in the north, Tanzania in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the east.

4. In Mozambique, the first permanent community of Caucasian people appeared south of the equator.

5. The Portuguese were motivated to establish one of the oldest colonies on the globe due to the allure of these regions.

6. Mozambique was one of the last African nations to declare independence from Portugal, doing so in 1975.

7. Maputo is the state capital. Lourenço Marchis was the name of the city before independence.

8. The nation’s business and cultural hub is the nation’s capital.

9. Maputo is on Maputo Bay, a deep water port surrounded by stunning natural scenery and colonial-era buildings.

10. Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, has more than a million residents and is the sole metropolis in the country.

34 Fun Facts about Mozambique

11. On the territory of Mozambique, the first weapons used were in the southern hemisphere.

12. At the turn of the twentieth century, Gustave Eiffel planned and constructed the Maputo, Mozambique, station. Instead of a train station, the structure gets mistaken for a palace due to its massive copper dome.

13. The majority of Mozambique is inside the tropics, making its coastline vulnerable to the cyclical effects of the Indian Ocean’s monsoon rains. The northeast is the worst hit by the monsoon.

14. The average daytime temperature throughout the nation is roughly 20 degrees Celsius. The months of October through February have the greatest average temperatures, while the months of June and July see the lowest average temperatures.

15. There is a single chamber of parliament under this presidential system.

16. It’s worth noting that the flags of more than a few nations include firearms. Mozambique’s flag is the only one in the world to include a contemporary AK-47.

17. They made a suggestion and launched a contest in 2005 to take the guns off the flag. The governing party, however, rejected every single flag design. The AK-47, therefore, stayed where it had fallen on the floor.

18. Arms of the nation, like those of East Timor and Zimbabwe, include the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

19. Mozambique has a total population of 28,829,476 people.

20. More than 36,000 people live in one square kilometer on Mozambique Island, making it the most densely populated place in Africa.

34 Fun Facts about Mozambique

21. A religious schism exists in Mozambique. Of the local population, 28% identify as Catholic, 18% as Muslim, 15% as Christian Zionist, and 12% as Protestant. And 25% of Mozambicans do not identify with any religion.

22. The Tete province is home to the second-largest artificial lake in Africa, the Cahora Basa reservoir.

23. Portuguese is the de jure language of government and commerce, yet only around 2/5 of the people can actually speak it. The majority of Maputians who speak Portuguese live in the capital city.

24. Marsh rat spies are an elite unit in the Mozambican armed forces. They discovered that these rodents had a keen eye for locating bombs and other hazards placed on local grounds by the Confederacy.

25. The Europeans’ first stone structure within the southern hemisphere was a chapel constructed on the island of Mozambique.

26. Mount Binga, with an altitude of 2436 meters, is the highest peak in the State.

27. The 2,075-megawatt Cahora Basa hydroelectric project in Mozambique is the most powerful in Africa.

28. Most Muslims live along the northern shore between the rivers Lurio and Rovuma, while some may find Islamic communities in most major towns.

29. This State now ranks among the world’s poorest nations. A large percentage of the population (about 40%) is poor.

30. Meat is a rare commodity in Mozambique’s marketplaces. You can only get it anywhere, and there are some questions about its quality.

34 Fun Facts about Mozambique

31. Even while farming accounts for the majority of Mozambicans’ income (over 80%), about 90% of the State’s arable land sits idle.

32. In urban Mozambique, you can find gas stations on the ground level of high-rise apartment complexes.

33. Even in high-end eateries, they prepare food over an open flame.

34. Only a few people go to Mozambique. Mozambican seas are not as treacherous as those in Somalia, although there are no famous resorts.


Visitors to this nation tend to be the bravest of the brave, drawn here by tales of Africa’s wilds, tales of safari adventures, and tales of strange food.

1975 marks the country’s independence from Portugal, making it a relatively young nation.

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