Israel Facts for Kids

A Picture of the Israel Flag
  • Country Name: Israel
  • Continent: Asia
  • Capital City: Jerusalem
  • Primary Language: Hebrew
  • Population: 7,412,200 (2008 Census)
  • Currency: Israeli Shekel (ILS)
  • GDP: $350.9 billion USD (2017, World Bank)

18 Israel Facts for Kids

  1. Israel is a country on the Asian continent (Asia).
  2. Israel is also referred to as the State of Israel.
  3. A native or resident of Israel is called an Israelis.
  4. The primary language spoken in Israel is Hebrew.
  5. The capital city of Israel is Jerusalem (disputed by other countries).
  6. The population of Israel was 7,412,200 according to a 2008 census.
  7. According to the estimates by the United Nations in 2019, Israel is the 101st most populated country in the world.
  8. The national currency of Israel is the Israeli Shekel (ILS).
  9. In 2017, the World Bank estimated the GDP of Israel was $350.9 billion USD.
  10. According to estimates by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Israel was 51st on the list of countries with the highest GDP (PPP) in 2018.
  11. The government of Israel is a unitary parliamentary republic.
  12. The country of Israel covers between 8,019 and 8,522 square miles.
  13. Israel is the 150th largest size country by square miles.
  14. Cars in Israel are driven on the right size of the road.
  15. The country calling code for Israel is +972.
  16. The ISO 3166 code for Israel is IL.
  17. Israel became an independent country in 1948 after the British control over the Palestine Mandate ended.
  18. The seven-day war was fought by Israel against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.

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