Washington Facts for Kids

A Map of the U.S. state Washington
  • U.S. State: Washington
  • Abbreviation: WA
  • Joined the USA: November 11th, 1889 (42nd State)
  • Located: Western United States
  • Capital City: Olympia, WA
  • Most Populated City: Seattle, WA

38 Washington Facts for Kids

  1. Washington is a state in the United States of America.
  2. Washington is in the western region of the United States.
  3. Washington became a U.S. state on Monday, November 11th, 1889.
  4. Washington was the 42nd state to join the United States.
  5. The U.S. state of Washington covers 71,362 square miles.
  6. Washington is the 18th largest state by area in the United States.
  7. In 2019, the population of Washington was estimated to be 7,615,000 residents by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  8. In 2019, Washington was the 13th most populated state in the United States.
  9. A person who is from or lives in Washington is called a Washingtonian.
  10. The capital city of Washington is Olympia.
  11. The four largest cities in Washington are Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Vancouver.
  12. The largest city in by population in Washington is Seattle.
  13. The largest metropolitan area in Washington is the Greater Seattle area.
  14. The U.S. state of Washington has 39 counties.
  15. The most populated county in Washington is King County with 2,253,000 residents (2019, U.S. Census Bureau).
  16. The largest county by area in Washington is Okanogan County with 5,268 square miles.
  17. The highest elevation point in Washington is Mount Rainer at 14,411 feet above sea level.
  18. The lowest elevation point in Washington is the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean at sea level.
  19. The average precipitation (rain and snow) in Washington is 38.6 inches.
  20. Washington is the 29th wettest state by precipitation (rain and snow) in the United States.
  21. The average temperature in Washington is 50.4 °F.
  22. Washington is the 29th warmest state in the United States.
  23. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Washington was 118 °F on August 5th, 1961.
  24. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Washington was -48 °F on December 30th, 1968.
  25. A few natural disasters that can affect Washington are earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and wildfires.
  26. Washington is in one time zone, Pacific Time Zone (PT).
  27. The USPS abbreviation for Washington is WA.
  28. Washington is also known as the Evergreen State.
  29. The U.S. state of Washington was named after the first United States President George Washington.
  30. The motto of the U.S. state of Washington is “bye and bye”.
  31. The official state insect of Washington is the blue darner dragonfly (Aeshna multicolor).
  32. The official state fish of Washington is the steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).
  33. The official state bird of Washington is the willow goldfinch (Spinus tristis).
  34. The official state grass of Washington is the bluebunch wheatgrass (Pseudoroegneria spicata).
  35. The official state flower of Washington is the coast rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum).
  36. The official state tree of Washington is the western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla).
  37. The official state fruit of Washington is the apple.
  38. The official state gemstone of Washington is petrified wood.

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