Kentucky Facts for Kids

A Map of the U.S. state Kentucky
  • U.S. State: Kentucky
  • Abbreviation: KY
  • Joined the USA: June 1st, 1792 (15th State)
  • Located: Southeastern United States
  • Capital City: Frankfort, KY
  • Most Populated City: Louisville, KY

33 Kentucky Facts for Kids

  1. Kentucky is a state in the United States of America.
  2. Kentucky became a U.S. State on Friday, June 1st, 1792.
  3. Kentucky was the 15th state to join the United States.
  4. The U.S. state of Kentucky covers 40,408 square miles.
  5. Kentucky is the 37th largest state by area in the United States.
  6. In 2019, the population of Kentucky was estimated to be 4,468,000 residents by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  7. In 2019, Kentucky was the 26th most populated state in the United States.
  8. A person who is from or lives in Kentucky is called a Kentuckian.
  9. The capital city of Kentucky is Frankfort.
  10. The two most populated cities in Kentucky are Louisville and Lexington.
  11. The largest city by population in Kentucky is Louisville.
  12. The largest metropolitan area in Kentucky is Kentuckiana (Louisville metropolitan area).
  13. The U.S. state of Kentucky has 120 counties.
  14. The most populated county in Kentucky is Jefferson County with 766,757 residents (2019, U.S. Census Bureau).
  15. The largest county by area in Kentucky is Pike County with 788 square miles.
  16. The highest elevation point in Kentucky is Black Mountain at 4,145 feet above sea level.
  17. The lowest elevation point in Kentucky is the Mississippi River at Kentucky Bend at 250 feet above sea level.
  18. The average precipitation (rain and snow) in Kentucky is 46.2 inches.
  19. Kentucky is the 15th wettest state by precipitation (rain and snow) in the United States.
  20. The average temperature in Kentucky is 55.6 °F.
  21. Kentucky is the 16th warmest state in the United States.
  22. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky was 114 °F on July 28th, 1930.
  23. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky was -37 °F on January 19th, 1994.
  24. A few natural disasters that can affect Kentucky are earthquakes, flash floods, heat waves and thunderstorms.
  25. Kentucky is in two time zones, Central Time Zone (CT) and Eastern Time Zone (ET).
  26. The USPS abbreviation for Kentucky is KY.
  27. Kentucky is also known as the Bluegrass State.
  28. The motto for the U.S. state of Kentucky is ”United we stand, divided we fall”.
  29. The official state fish of Kentucky is the Kentucky spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus).
  30. The official state bird of Kentucky is the cardinal (Cardinalidae).
  31. The official state flower of Kentucky is the goldenrod (Solidago).
  32. The official state tree of Kentucky is the tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera).
  33. The official state gemstone of Kentucky is the freshwater pearl.

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