Oklahoma Facts for Kids

A Map of the U.S. state Oklahoma
  • U.S. State: Oklahoma
  • Abbreviation: OK
  • Joined the USA: November 16th, 1907 (46th State)
  • Located: Southwestern United States
  • Capital City: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Most Populated City: Oklahoma City, OK

39 Oklahoma Facts for Kids

  1. Oklahoma is a state in the United States of America.
  2. Oklahoma is in southeastern region of the United States.
  3. Oklahoma became a U.S. state on Saturday, November 16th, 1907.
  4. Oklahoma was the 46th state to join the United States.
  5. The U.S. state of Oklahoma covers 69,899 square miles.
  6. Oklahoma is the 20th largest state by area in the United States.
  7. In 2019, the population of Oklahoma was estimated to be 3,957,000 residents by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  8. In 2019, Oklahoma was the 28th most populated state in the United States.
  9. A person who is from or lives in Oklahoma is called an Oklahoman, Okie or a Sooner.
  10. The capital city of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City.
  11. The four most populated cities in Oklahoma are Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman.
  12. The largest city by population in Oklahoma is Oklahoma City.
  13. The largest metropolitan area in Oklahoma is the Greater Oklahoma City area.
  14. The U.S. state of Oklahoma has 77 counties.
  15. The most populated county in Oklahoma is Oklahoma County with 797,434 residents (2019, U.S. Census Bureau).
  16. The largest county by area in Oklahoma is Osage County with 2,251 square miles.
  17. The highest elevation point in Oklahoma is Black Mesa at 4,975 feet above sea level.
  18. The lowest elevation point in Oklahoma is the Little River at 289 feet above sea level.
  19. The average precipitation (rain and snow) in Oklahoma is 37.6 inches.
  20. Oklahoma is the 31st wettest state by precipitation (rain and snow) in the United States.
  21. The average temperature in Oklahoma is 60.1 °F.
  22. Oklahoma is the 11th warmest state in the United States.
  23. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma was 122 °F on August 12th, 1936.
  24. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma was -31 °F on February 10th, 2011.
  25. A few natural disasters that can affect Oklahoma are hail, heat waves, ice storms, thunderstorms and tornadoes.
  26. Oklahoma is in two time zones, Mountain Time Zone (MT) and Central Time Zone (CT).
  27. The USPS abbreviation for Oklahoma is OK.
  28. Oklahoma is also known as Native America, the Land of the Red Man and the Sooner State.
  29. The motto for the U.S. state of Oklahoma in English is “Work conquers all”.
  30. On March 25th, 1948 the first tornado warning in the United States was issued in Oklahoma.
  31. On April 19th, 1995 the third deadliest terrorist attack in the history of the United States. This attack is known as the Oklahoma City bombing and took the lives of 168 U.S. citizens.
  32. The current Oklahoma constitution was adopted in 1907.
  33. The official state insect of Oklahoma is the honeybee (Apis).
  34. The official state fish of Oklahoma is the white bass (Morone chrysops).
  35. The official state bird of Oklahoma is the scissor-tailed flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus).
  36. The official state animal of Oklahoma is the bison (Bos bison).
  37. The official state grass of Oklahoma is the Indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans).
  38. The official state flower of Oklahoma is the mistletoe (Santalales).
  39. The official state tree of Oklahoma is the redbud (Cercis canadensis).

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