Alabama Facts for Kids

A Map of the U.S. state Alabama
  • U.S. State: Alabama
  • Abbreviation: AL
  • Joined the USA: December 14th, 1819 (22nd State)
  • Located: Southeastern United States
  • Capital City: Montgomery, AL
  • Most Populated City: Birmingham, AL

37 Alabama Facts for Kids

  1. Alabama is a state in the United States of America.
  2. Alabama is in the southeastern region of the United States.
  3. Alabama became a U.S. state on Tuesday, December 14th, 1819.
  4. The U.S. state of Alabama covers 52,419 square miles.
  5. Alabama is the 30th largest state by area in the United States.
  6. In 2019, the population of Alabama was estimated to be 4,903,000 residents by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  7. In 2019, Alabama was the 24th most populated state in the United States.
  8. A person who is from or lives in Alabama is called an Alabamian.
  9. The capital city of Alabama is Montgomery.
  10. The four most populated cities in Alabama are Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville.
  11. The largest city by population in Alabama is Birmingham.
  12. The largest metropolitan area in Alabama is the Greater Birmingham area.
  13. The U.S. state of Alabama has 67 counties.
  14. The most populated county in Alabama is Jefferson County with 658,573 residents (2019, U.S. Census Bureau).
  15. The largest county by area in Alabama is Baldwin County with 1,589.78 square miles.
  16. The highest elevation point in Alabama is Mount Cheaha with a summit at 2,413 feet above sea level.
  17. The lowest elevation point in Alabama is the Gulf of Mexico which is at sea level.
  18. The average precipitation (rain and snow) in Alabama is 56 inches.
  19. Alabama is the 3rd wettest state by precipitation (rain and snow) in the United States.
  20. The average temperature in Alabama is 62.68 °F.
  21. Alabama is the 7th warmest state in the United States.
  22. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Alabama was 112 °F on September 6th, 1925.
  23. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Alabama was -27 °F on January 30th, 1966.
  24. A couple natural disasters that can affect Alabama are thunderstorms and hurricanes.
  25. A couple natural disasters that can affect Alabama are thunderstorms and hurricanes.
  26. The USPS abbreviation for Alabama is AL.
  27. The official state flower of Alabama is the oak-leaf hydrangea.
  28. The official state tree of Alabama is the southern longleaf pine.
  29. The official state bird of Alabama is the Yellowhammer.
  30. The official state insect of Alabama is the Monarch butterfly.
  31. Alabama has the longest state constitution (300,000+ words) out of all 50 U.S. states.
  32. Alabama goes by a few different unofficially nicknames, like “The Cotton State” and “The Heart of Dixie”.
  33. In 1836, Alabama became the first state to make Christmas a legal holiday.
  34. In 1904, the largest cast-iron statue in the world was built in Birmingham, Alabama.
  35. In 1916, the strongest earthquake to ever strike Alabama occurred on October 18th with a 5.1 magnitude.
  36. In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama. This action made her an important figure during the civil rights movement.
  37. In 1968, the first 911 call was made in Haleyville, Alabama.

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