Marco Polo Facts for Kids

A Picture of Marco Polo
  • Name: Marco Polo
  • Profession: Merchant and Explorer
  • Born: 1254 in Venice, Republic of Venice, Europe
  • Died: January 8th, 1324 in Venice, Republic of Venice, Europe
  • Resting Place: Church of San Lorenzo
  • Legacy: Famous for his exploration of China

20 Marco Polo Facts for Kids

  1. Marco Polo is a famous merchant who explored Asia along the Silk Road.
  2. Marco Polo is most well-known for his exploration of China in the 13th century.
  3. Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice, Republic of Venice, Europe.
  4. Marco Polo is the son of Niccolò Polo and Nicole Anna Defuseh.
  5. Marco Polo married Donata Badoèr in 1300.
  6. Marco Polo and Donata Badoèr had three children together.
  7. Marco and Donta Polo’s children were three girls named Fantina, Bellela and Moreta.
  8. Marco Polo died in January 1324 in Venice, Republic of Venice, Europe.
  9. Marco Polo wasn’t the first European to reach and explore China. However, he explored many parts of China and Asia before any other European and created detailed records for his exploration and discoveries.
  10. In 1271, Polo joins his father and uncle on a journey to the Holy Land, Persia and Tartary and China.
  11. In 1271, Polo, his father and uncle return to Cathay. Kublai Khan presents the trio with papal letters. Polo uses these letters to study the Chinese language and how to speak it.
  12. In 1280, at the claim of Polo, Kublai Khan appoints him a governor of one of his cities.
  13. In 1292, Polo joins the wedding party throughout its journey to Persia.
  14. In 1295, Polo returns to Venice with the vast riches and treasures he obtained during his travels.
  15. In 1275, Kublai Khan appoints Polo as his envoy. Polo starts his missions throughout China.
  16. In 1295, Polo is given the command of a Venetian gallery as a gentlemen commander.
  17. In 1296, Polo is captured and becomes a prisoner of war of Genoa.
  18. Between 1296 and 1299, while in captivity, Polo gave many detailed accounts of his travels in Asia to Italian writer Rustichello da Pisa. These accounts would be published in a book known as The Travels of Marco Polo.
  19. In 1300, Polo marries his wife Donata Badoèr.
  20. In 1323, Polo dies from an unknown illness in his bed.

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