Julius Caesar Facts for Kids

A Picture of Julius Caesar
  • Name: Julius Caesar
  • Profession: Roman General and Statesman
  • Born: July 12th, 100 BCE in Rome, Italia, Roman Republic
  • Died: March 15th, 44 BCE in Rome, Italia, Roman Empire
  • Resting Place: Temple of Caesar in Rome, Italy
  • Legacy: Transformed Rome from a Republic to an Empire

24 Julius Caesar Facts for Kids

  1. Julius Caesar was a statesman and military general during the 1st century in ancient Rome.
  2. Julius Caesar is most famous for his pivotal role in turning the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.
  3. Julius Caesar was born on July 12th, 100 BCE in Rome, Italia, Roman Republic.
  4. The actual birthname of Julius Caesar was Gaius Julius Caesar.
  5. Julius Caesar was the son of Roman senator Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta.
  6. Julius Caesar had two younger sisters, Julia Major (The Elder) and Julia Minor (The Younger).
  7. Julius Caesar was married to at least three different women, Cornelia (84 to 69 BCE), Pompeia (67 to 61 BCE) and Calpurina (59 to 44 BC). Historians debate if he had a fourth marriage to Cossutia.
  8. Historians debate the total number of children fathered by Julius Cesar. Historians do agree that Julius Caesar was the daughter of Caesar.
  9. Julius Caesar died at the age of 55 by assassination on March 15th, 44 BCE in Rome, Italia.
  10. Julius Caesar’s body is currently laid to rest at the Temple of Caesar in Rome, Italy, Europe.
  11. In 85 BCE, Caesar’s father passed away and he became the head of the household at the age of 16.
  12. In 75 BCE, Caesar is kidnapped and ransomed by pirates while a crossing the Aegean Sea. His ransom is eventually paid, and he’s freed. Later, Caesar hunted down the pirates and has them executed.
  13. In 63 BCE, Caesar was elected as the chief priest of the Roman state religion (pontifex maximus).
  14. In 62 BCE, Caesar was appointed the proprietor (governor) of Hispania Ulterior.
  15. In 60 BCE, Caesar was given the honoree military title of imperator.
  16. Between 58 and 50 BCE, Caesar fought the Gallic Wars. The outcome of the Gallic Wars would allow the Roman Republic to expand over all of Gaul. Cesar became very popular due to his success during the Gallic Wars.
  17. In 49 BCE, the Great Roman Civil War was fought between Caesar and Pompey. Caesar would be victorious and becomes the dictator of Rome. This victory by Caesar allows him to be the most powerful person in the Roman Republic.
  18. In 47 BCE, Caesar wins the Battle of the Nile and appoints Cleopatra as the ruler of Egypt.
  19. In 46 BCE, Caesar appoints himself as the Prefect of the Morals. This position has the same powers as the censors.
  20. In 45 BCE, the Julian Calendar goes into effect on January 1st.
  21. In 44 BCE, Cleopatra gives birth to Caesarion and some historians believe this was the son of Caesar.
  22. In 44 BCE, Caesar is appointed to dictator for live in February, about one month before his assassination.
  23. In 44 BCE, Caesar is assassinated in the Theatre of Pompey by a group of Roman senators. Caesar is stabbed 23 times by various senators. The leaders of the assassination were Marcus Brutus, Gaius Cassius and Decimus Brutus. They assassinated Caesar to protect the Roman Republic, but the event actual led to the rise of the Roman Empire.
  24. In 42 BCE, two years after the assassination of Julius Caesar he is posthumously given the title Divus Iulius. Caesar became to the first Roman to be deified by officials.

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