Benjamin Franklin Facts for Kids

A Picture of Benjamin Franklin
  • Name: Benjamin Franklin
  • Profession: Polymath
  • Born: January 17th, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, British America
  • Died: April 17th, 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Resting Place: Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Legacy: A founding father of the United States

24 Benjamin Franklin Facts for Kids

  1. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
  2. Benjamin Franklin is most famous for his role during the American Enlightenment period, his role helping to unite the thirteen colonies and his discoveries related to electricity.
  3. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17th, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, British America.
  4. Benjamin Franklin was the son of English businessman Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger.
  5. Benjamin Franklin married Deborah Read on September 1st, 1730.
  6. Benjamin and Deborah had two children together, Francis Folger Franklin and Sarah Franklin.
  7. Benjamin Franklin had an out of wedlock child name William Franklin with an unknown woman.
  8. Benjamin Franklin died of a pleuritic attack at the age of 84 on April 17th, 1790 in Philadelphia, PA, United States.
  9. In 1727, Franklin started Junto, a group of tradesmen and artisans with similar views. They would discuss and debate current issues and the group would be the source of other organizations throughout Philadelphia.
  10. In 1729, Franklin purchase the Universal Instructor in all Arts and Sciences: and Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper and renamed it to simply the Pennsylvania Gazette. This newspaper would be one of the most popular newspapers in the United States until the early 1800s.
  11. Between 1730 and 1731, Franklin joined a local Masonic lodge (Freemasonry) and in 1734 he would become the grand master of that Masonic lodge.
  12. In 1736, Franklin creates a volunteer firefighting company called Union Fire Company. This is one of the first volunteer firefighting companies in the United States.
  13. Between 1737 and 1753, Franklin serves as the postmaster of Philadelphia.
  14. In 1743, Franklin creates the American Philosophical Society, the group is used scientific theories and discoveries.
  15. In 1746, Franklin starts to attend lectures by Archibald Spencer’s and becomes interested in electricity.
  16. In 1751, Franklin played a pivotal role in opening the Academy and College of Philadelphia and served as its first president. The Academy and College of Philadelphia would later become the University of Pennsylvania.
  17. In 1752, Franklin invents the Franklin rod, which was a rod used to protect buildings from lightning.
  18. In 1753, both Yale and Harvard University honor Franklin with an honorary Master of Arts degrees.
  19. In 1756, the College of William & Mary honors Franklin with an honorary Master of Arts degree.
  20. In 1775, Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster general of the United States after the Second Continental Congress created the U.S. Post Office.
  21. In 1776, Franklin was appointed one of the five people to draft the United States Declaration of Independence. He would also become one of the 56 delegates to sign the Declaration of Independence.
  22. Between 1776 and 1785, Franklin serves as the ambassador to France. He is successful in creating a military alliance with France in 1778, which ultimate helps the United States win the American Revolutionary War.
  23. In 1785, Franklin was elected as the president of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania.
  24. In 1787, Franklin was one of the 39 delegates to sign the United States Constitution.

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