Conor Maynard Facts

Conor Maynard Facts

Conor Maynard is a young singer who has achieved much success at a young age. Here are some facts about Conor Maynard that you may not know!

Who wouldn’t like to groove with some melody to spice up the tedious day? 

And while discussing music, we must acknowledge English songs and songwriters.

Speaking of which, have you heard the name of Conor Paul Maynard, the famous English songwriter, and actor?

We are pretty sure you recognize him. In this article, we will know some facts about Maynard. Let’s find out then! 

19 Facts About Conor Maynard

1. Conor Maynard is an English Songwriter and composer. The famous country sensation was born on 21st November 1992. That makes him 29 years old presently.  

2. Conor Maynard started singing at the age of fifteen. He started exploring his musical tastes when he was just a teenager. However, at that time, he used to post covers on his Facebook handle where his friends could see him. 

3. This English singer and Youtuber is known by the pen name of Conor Maynard. However, his full name is Conor Paul Maynard. The middle name has been omitted for ease. 

4. Later on, he started to record music covers in his room and started posting them on YouTube. 

The first cover that he uploaded on YouTube was Lee Carr’s Breathe. The video was uploaded in 2006. 

5. His first digital boost was when he collaborated with Virginian rapper Anth Melo. In collaboration with the rapper, Conor Maynard did the cover of Usher’s song OMG. His cover got over 100K views. Later, both of them did another cover. This time it was ‘Beautiful Monster’ (originally by Ne-Yo). And guess what?

The second video got over a million views. This video was basically the turning point in his life. 

Conor Maynard Facts

6. He first signed his deal at the age of 17!

The first album of Conor, namely “Contrast,” took two years to release. That means it came out in front of the audience when he was just 19. 

7. His first single, Can’t Say No, got a massive success. After that apex, he has been featured with a number of famous artists like Pharrell Williams, Craig David, Ty Dolla Sign, Rita Ora, and many more. 

8. He has claimed that his musical influences include Post Malone, Khalid, and many more. He has also expressed his wish to work with Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, and many more in the future. 

9. His most significant achievements include the 2012 MTV brand new Award. And apart from it, he was recently nominated for the global award of 2019. 

10. Conor Maynard has two siblings. His elder brother, Jack Maynard, is a YouTuber. His channel has 1.52 million subscribers, so clearly he is one of the successful ones. Conor and his brother have a musical group, namely GOAT. 

Maynard also has a sister, namely Anna Maynard. She runs a Youtube channel with 273k subscribers and posts videos of fashion and makeup. 

Conor Maynard Facts

11. Conor wrote a book named ‘Take off’ and published it on 10th October 2013. This book is similar to an autobiography that gives a closer look at Conor’s life. 

12.  Maynard once posted a video on Social media and informed his fans about his debut in a Broadway show. ‘Kinky Boots’, The Broadway show, saw his presence as Charlie Price. The show was nominated for thirteen awards and managed to get six Tony Awards. 

13. The pop star has got a considerable position in UK charts. ‘Contrast,’ his debut album charted on the first position in UK album charts. Also, his first single, Can’t Say No, which has got 14 million views, is charted no. 2, and the second single, Vegas Girl, is charted at no. 4. 

14. Conor earlier in childhood, his brother, and the next-door neighbor kid used to ride bicycles pretending to catch pokemon. 

15. Did you know that he had a wish to perform a gig on Xtra-Factor? 

That dream did come true. However, he canceled his gig due to voice and throat problems!

Once Conor faced a terrible incident in Brazil. After finishing dinner at a restaurant, Conor and his manager requested an Uber and were in the cab. 

That day a horrific robbery had failed. When Conor’s cab was waiting at the signal ( because of the red signal), a motorist pointed and shot at their cab. 

Maynard assured his Instagram Live audience that no harm came to him. 

Conor Maynard Facts

16. He has sold over 74,000 copies of his music video ‘Can’t Say No’ by April 2012.

17. Conor worked with some other pop stars, namely Kimberley Walsh, Ema Bunton, Pixie Lott, and many others in March 2014. This project was for the World Cup 2014 in England, for a track named The Greatest Day. 

18. Conor’s star sign is Scorpio. 

19. There are a total of 57 music videos produced by Conor Maynard. 


So these were some of the astonishing facts about our favorite popstar, Conor Paul Maynard. 

He got to taste success in life when he was just a teenager. That is undoubtedly fascinating!

Apart from it, we got to know many other hidden talents of Maynard. 

We hope you enjoyed reading Conor Maynard Facts here.