A Picture of a Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Humpback Whale Facts

  • Name: Humpback Whale
  • Binomial Name: Megaptera novaeangliae
  • Lifespan: Between 45 and 50 years (wild)
  • Diet: Carnivorous
  • Range: All Major Oceans
  • Length: Between 43 and 52 feet
  • Weight: Between 56,000 and 66,000 pounds

13 Humpback Whale Facts for Kids

  1. A humpback whale is a baleen whale.

  2. The binomial name for a humpback whale is Megaptera novaeangliae.
  3. An adult humpback whale can live between 45 and 50 years in the wild.
  4. An adult male humpback whale can reach up to 46 feet in length.
  5. An adult female humpback whale can reach up to 52 feet in length.
  6. Humpback whales are carnivorous.
  7. Humpback whales feed on small schooling fish and krill.
  8. A male humpback whale is called a bull.
  9. A female humpback whale is a called a cow.
  10. A young humpback whale is called a calf.
  11. Humpback whales have two blowholes, one for each of its two lungs.
  12. Humpback whales can make noises that can be heard from up to 20 miles away.
  13. Humpback whales are popular among whale watchers due to how often they breach the ocean surface.

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