Nitrogen Facts for Kids

Nitrogen Periodic Table
  • Name: Nitrogen
  • Symbol: N
  • Atomic Number: 7
  • Atomic Weight: 14.0067 u
  • Period: 2
  • Group: 15

24 Nitrogen Facts for Kids

  1. Nitrogen is a chemical element on the periodic table.
  2. Nitrogen is a gas that is colorless, odorless and tasteless.
  3. Nitrogen was discovered by Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772. Daniel called his discovery noxious air.
  4. Nitrogen got its named from French chemist Jean-Antoine Chaptal in 1794.
  5. Nitrogen is a gas at room temperature.
  6. The symbol for nitrogen is N.
  7. The atomic number for nitrogen is 7.
  8. The standard atomic weight of nitrogen is 14.0067 u.
  9. Nitrogen is in the reactive nonmetal group on the periodic table.
  10. Nitrogen is a period 2 chemical element, which is the second row on the periodic table.
  11. Nitrogen is a group 15 chemical element, which is the nitrogen group.
  12. Nitrogen has two stable isotopes and they are 14N and 15N.
  13. The melting point for nitrogen is -346 °F (-210 °C).
  14. The boiling point for nitrogen is -320.431 °F (-195.795 °C).
  15. Nitrogen is the seventh most abundant element found in our Solar System and the Milky Way galaxy.
  16. Dinitrogen (N2) makes up between around 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere.
  17. Nitrogen is the fourth most abundant element found in the human body.
  18. The human body is made up of about 3% nitrogen by mass.
  19. Nitrogen is present in all living organisms.
  20. Nitrogen is used to flash freeze foods and help retain their flavor, texture and moisture.
  21. Nitrogen is a popular refrigerant used to store organic material, like the eggs from an ovary of a human female.
  22. The compound nitroglycerin, also called nitro, is a contact explosive that is one of the planets most powerful explosives.
  23. The compound Nitrous oxide, also called nitrous or laughing gas, is used as anesthesia by medical professionals.
  24. Titan is a moon of Saturn that has a dense atmosphere made up of about 97% nitrogen.

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