Hydrogen Facts for Kids

Hydrogen Periodic Table
  • Name: Hydrogen
  • Symbol: H
  • Atomic Number: 1
  • Atomic Weight: 1.00784 u
  • Period: 1
  • Group: 1

21 Hydrogen Facts for Kids

  1. Hydrogen is a chemical element on the periodic table.
  2. Hydrogen was discovered by English chemist and physicist Henry Cavendish in 1766.
  3. Hydrogen was named by French chemist Antoine Lavoisier in 1783.
  4. Hydrogen is a gas at room temperature.
  5. The symbol for hydrogen is H.
  6. The atomic number for hydrogen is 1.
  7. The standard atomic weight for hydrogen is 1.00784 u.
  8. Hydrogen is in the reactive nonmetal element category on the periodic table.
  9. Hydrogen is a period 1 chemical element, which is the first row on the periodic table.
  10. Hydrogen is a group 1 chemical element, which is the lithium family.
  11. Hydrogen has three known stable isotopes and they are protium (1H or hydrogen-1), deuterium (2H or hydrogen-2) and tritium (3H or hydrogen-3).
  12. The melting point for hydrogen is -439.49 °F (-259.16 °C).
  13. The boiling point for hydrogen is -423.182 °F (-252.879 °C).
  14. Hydrogen is the most abundant element found in the universe.
  15. Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element on the periodic table.
  16. All the non-remnant stars in our universe are made mostly out of hydrogen in a plasma state.
  17. The Sun in our Solar System produces energy by fusing hydrogen into helium.
  18. The mass of the Sun in our Solar System is about 73% hydrogen.
  19. Hydrogen is a popular coolant used by power stations to cool generators.
  20. Tritium is used in thermonuclear weapons, also known as hydrogen bombs or H bombs.
  21. It’s a common myth that hydrogen is an energy source. There are no current processes that use hydrogen to produce energy outside of hypothetical ideas.

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