Palm Tree Facts for Kids

A Picture of a Palm Tree
  • Common Name: Palm Tree
  • Total Species: 2,600+
  • Genra: 181
  • Subfamilies: 5
  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Order: Arecales
  • Distribution: Tropical and Subtropical Climates

18 Palm Tree Facts for Kids

  1. Palm tree is a common name for thousands of flowering plants in the Arecaceae family.
  2. The Arecaceae family has 181 genera with over 2,600 species of plants that share the common name pine tree.
  3. Most species of palm trees are native to tropical and subtropical climates.
  4. However, palm tree species are found in a wide range of habits, from rainforests to deserts.
  5. Palm trees are evergreens and do not lose their leaves throughout the year.
  6. Don’t let the name fool you, palm trees aren’t technically trees. They do have a tree-like appearance, but botanically palm trees are a type of woody herbaceous plant.
  7. In botanical terms, a palm tree is more of a type of grass than a type of tree.
  8. A palm tree is more related to bamboo and grass than a traditional tree.
  9. Palm trees are most recognizable by their leaves and unique characteristics.
  10. Palm trees are known to produce coconuts, but they do produce other fruits, like dates and betel nuts.
  11. The leaves of a palm tree are known as fronds and have a fan-like appearance.
  12. The smallest palm tree species is the Dypsis minuta with an average height between 5 and 20 inches.
  13. The tallest palm tree species in the world is the wax palm (Ceroxylon quindiuense). The average height of a wax palm tree is 148 feet, with verified specimens reaching 200 feet.
  14. The diameter of a palm tree’s truck varies by age and species, with a range between 0.5 inches and 4 feet.
  15. Some palm trees have a lifespan of up to 100 years.
  16. Fossil evidence shows palm trees started to appear around 80 to 95 million years ago.
  17. Many palm tree species have important commercial qualities for humans.
  18. The fruit of many palm tree species, like coconuts, are a popular and widespread food source.

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