Moss Facts for Kids

A Picture of Moss on a Rock
  • Plant Name: Moss (Bryophyta)
  • Plant Type: Small, Flowerless, Non-Vascular
  • Plant Height: Between 0.1 and 20 inches (varies by species)
  • Total Species: 12,000+
  • Taxonomy Clade: Embryophytes
  • Taxonomy Classes: 8
  • First Appeared: 470 million years ago

16 Moss Facts for Kids

  1. Moss is a term used to describe herbaceous non-vascular plants in the Bryophyta taxonomy division.
  2. Moss prefers to grow in cool, damp conditions that aren’t in direct sunlight. However, there are many species of moss that are drought tolerant and can thrive in a hot, dry environment.
  3. Moss likes to grow on rocks, soil (various types), trees (both alive and downed) and along streams.
  4. Most species of moss are green, but some species can come in different colors, like blue or yellow.
  5. Moss use their tiny leaves to obtain water and nutrients.
  6. Just like all other plants, moss uses the photosynthesis process to create energy.
  7. Moss don’t have roots like vascular plants, instead they use threadlike rhizoids to anchor themselves.
  8. Moss reproduces using spores and do not produce any flowers, pollen, fruits or seeds.
  9. There are around 12,000 species of plants that are considered moss.
  10. Species of moss are found all over the world, including Antarctica.
  11. Most species of moss are small, but some species can reach a large size.
  12. The average height of all species of moss are between 0.1 and 3.0 inches.
  13. The tallest (self-supported) moss in the world is Dawsonia superba. The average height of Dawsonia superba is about 24 inches. There are reports of Dawsonia superba being able to reach a height of over three feet.
  14. The first land plants to appear on our planet were very similar to moss.
  15. The antiseptic properties of moss were exploited during World War 1. Medics would use moss to treat and in some cases bandage wounds.
  16. Moss is a popular in aquascaping, it can help regulate water in an aquarium and requires little support.

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