Morning Glory Facts for Kids

A Picture of a Morning Glory
  • Plant Name: Morning Glory
  • Plant Type: Flowering Plant
  • Plant Family: Convolvulaceae
  • Plant Genera: 10+
  • Plant Order: Solanales
  • Total Species: 1,000+

11 Morning Glory Facts for Kids

  1. Morning glory is the common name for one of many flowering plants in the Convolvulaceae family.
  2. There are over one thousand flowering plants that share the common name morning glory.
  3. Morning glory flowers got their name from their ability to open and close throughout the day.
  4. Morning glories are a non-woody (herbaceous) flowering vine plants.
  5. Morning glories are typically found growing on plants, trees, rocks and manmade structures.
  6. Morning glory flowers are funnel shaped and can open and close throughout the day.
  7. Morning glory flowers start to bloom (open) in the early morning hours and shut before sunset.
  8. The flowers of a morning glory come in a wide range of colors.
  9. The colors of a morning glory flower include, but aren’t limited to blue, purple, pink and white.
  10. Morning glory flowers bloom early in the summer and will continue to until fall when the first frost happens.
  11. Planting certain species of morning glories in your garden is a good way to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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