Magnolia Tree Facts for Kids

A Picture of a Magnolia Tree
  • Common Name: Magnolia Tree
  • Total Species: 210+
  • Genus: Magnolia
  • Family: Magnoliaceae
  • Order: Magnoliales
  • Distribution: North America, South America and Asia

16 Magnolia Tree Facts for Kids

  1. Magnolia tree is a common name for a couple hundred tree species in the Magnolia genus.
  2. The Magnolia genus contains over 200 species of magnolia trees and is in the Magnoliaceae family.
  3. The Magnolia genus was named after French botanist Pierre Magnol, thanks to English botanist William Sherard, a student who studied underneath Magnol.
  4. The type species of the Magnolia genus is the sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana).
  5. A magnolia tree can be classified as a deciduous tree, evergreen tree or shrub depending on the species.
  6. It’s estimated that magnolias might have been the first or one of the first flowering plants. Fossil evidence shows that magnolias could have first appeared over 20 million years ago.
  7. Magnolias vary greatly in size based on the species. Small magnolia shrubs can reach up to 15 feet. Large tree magnolia species can reach up to more than 80 feet in height.
  8. Magnolia trees are well-known for the beautiful flowers and colors they can produce.
  9. The flowers of a magnolia tree are typically either star-shaped or bowl-shaped.
  10. The flowers of a magnolia tree come in a few different colors, like green, pink, purple, white and yellow.
  11. The flowers of a magnolia tree contain both male and female reproductive organs.
  12. The flowers of a magnolia tree are known for their wonderful scents.
  13. It varies by species when the flowers of a magnolia tree bloom. Some species bloom early in the spring, others not until late spring or early summer.
  14. The beauty and fragrance of magnolia tree flowers make them a popular ornamental plant in gardens.
  15. The leaves of the Japanese cucumber tree (Magnolia obovate) are used to wrap food together.
  16. The flower petals of the southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) are used as a condiment in England.

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