Nose Facts for Kids

A Picture of the Human Nose
  • Organ Name: Nose
  • Organ System: Respiratory and olfactory system
  • Organ Purpose: Breathing and smelling
  • Organ Location: On the front, middle of the human head
  • Organ Count: 1, the nose
  • Organ FMA ID: 46472
  • Organ TA ID: A06.1.01.001 and A01.1.00.009

16 Nose Facts for Kids

  1. The nose is an organ that protrudes from the human face.
  2. The two major functions of the nose are smelling and breathing.
  3. The nose is part of the respiratory system and the olfactory system.
  4. Typically, the nose of a male human is larger than the nose of a female human.
  5. The human nose as two nostrils, the left nostril and the right nostril.
  6. There are six main parts of the human nose, and they are the nostrils, septum, nasal cavity, mucous membrane, cilia and olfactory epithelium.
  7. The nostrils are the two holes in your nose that allow air to be breathed into the lungs and the olfactory epithelium.
  8. The septum is cartilage that separates your left and right nostrils.
  9. The nasal cavity is the space between your nose and the back of your throat.
  10. The mucous membrane (nasal mucosa) lines the inner part of the nose and nasal cavity. It helps moistens the air your breathing in and warms it up. It also produces mucous that traps foreign particles like germs, particles and dust.
  11. The cilia are tiny hairs in the back of the nose that help keep mucus out of the lungs and sinuses.
  12. The olfactory epithelium is on the roof of the nasal cavity and contains hundreds of receptors that can detect smells.
  13. The human nose as 12 million olfactory receptor cells that allow them to smell. In comparison, a blood hound has four billion olfactory receptor cells.
  14. Your nose, together with your sinuses, can produce up to a quarter gallon of mucus each day.
  15. The Foundational Model of Anatomy ID for the nose is 46472.
  16. The Terminologia Anatomica IDs for the nose are A06.1.01.001 and A01.1.00.009.

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