Feet Facts for Kids

A Picture of Human Feet
  • Organ Name: Feet (Foot singular)
  • Organ Purpose: Allow movement and support body weight
  • Organ Location: Bottom of each leg
  • Organ Count: 2, left foot and right foot
  • Organ FMA ID: 9664
  • Organ TA ID: A01.1.00.040

26 Feet Facts for Kids

  1. Humans use their feet to stand, walk and run.
  2. Human feet, along with ours legs and other anatomical structures allow us to stand, walk and run upright.
  3. A human with no biological abnormalities has two feet.
  4. A human with no biological abnormalities has five toes on each foot.
  5. The toes on the human foot are known as the following in largest (innermost) to smallest order (outermost), the big toe, the long toe, the middle toe, the fore toe and the baby toe.
  6. One human foot has 26 bones and 33 joints.
  7. The 26 bones in the human foot are made up of the calcaneus, talus, cuboid, cuneiforms and navicular.
  8. The largest bone in a human foot is the calcaneus.
  9. The smallest bones in a human foot are the cuneiforms that are closest to the metatarsal bones.
  10. There are more than a hundred ligaments, muscles and tendons in a human foot.
  11. Socks are worn on feet to keep them warm and to help absorb perspiration.
  12. Footwear is won on feet to protect them from their surrounding environment.
  13. There are many different types of footwear worn on feet and they each serve different purposes.
  14. An example of some different types of footwear are shoes, boots and sandals.
  15. Feet and footwear can have a foul odor from the bacteria that grow in foot sweat.
  16. There are many disorders of the foot that can limit the ability for a human to walk or prevent walking altogether.
  17. There are several different types of fractures that can occur in your foot.
  18. The four main foot fractures are Lisfranc fracture, Jones fracture, March fracture and Calcaneal fracture.
  19. Athlete’s foot is a fungus infection that affects one or both of your feet.
  20. A bunion (hallux valgus) is a condition where the joint that connects the big toe to your foot bends outwards and towards your other toes.
  21. Flat feet are a condition where one or both feet have a collapsed arch.
  22. A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of feet disorders and diseases.
  23. A pediatrist is a person who specializes in the modification of footwear to treat feet disorders and diseases.
  24. An animal with a soft foot would be said to have a paw, an example of an animal with a paw is a dog.
  25. An animal with a hard foot would be said to have a hoof, an example of an animal with a hoof is a horse.
  26. According to the Guinness World Records, the human with the biggest feet ever recorded was Robert Wadlow. He set this record on June 27th, 1940 with feet 18 and half inches long.

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