46 Facts about Left Handed People for Kids

Left handed people account for roughly 10% of the world population. Most of you know at least one person who has his left hand as the strong hand. In this post we will cover interesting left handed facts and provide further information about it for school or home. 

A left handed person is simply a person who was born with his dominate hand as its left hand. While most people in the world are born with a right dominate hand ( about 90% ), some are born with the opposite.

Facts about left handed people

1. Lefties make up about 10% of the world’s population.

2. The term “southpaw” originated in baseball because left-handed pitchers threw from the south side of the diamond.

3. Left-handedness is more common in men than in women.

4. There is no single gene that determines handedness. It’s likely a combination of genes and environmental factors.

5. Left-handed people are more likely to have autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

6. They may also be more prone to migraines.

7. Left-handed people tend to be better at creative tasks and visual-spatial processing.

8. Some studies suggest they may have an advantage in math and engineering.

9. Left-handed people are more likely to be musical.

10. Many famous artists, writers, and musicians were left-handed, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Paul McCartney, and Lady Gaga.

11. Lefties may have a stronger immune system.

12. Lefties tend to live shorter lives, but the reason for this is unclear.

13. Left-handed people are more likely to stutter.

14. Lefties may be better at multitasking.

15. Lefties tend to have a larger corpus callosum, the bundle of nerves that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.

16. Left-handed people tend to smudge ink more often when writing because their hand drags across what they’ve written.

17. Scissors designed for left-handed people have blades that are reversed so they can cut properly.

18. Many everyday tools are designed for right-handed people, which can make life a little more challenging for lefties.

19. International Left-Handers Day is celebrated on August 13th each year.

20. There are left-handed sports leagues for some sports, such as baseball and cricket.

21. Left-handed people may have an advantage in certain sports, such as tennis, boxing, and fencing.

22. Lefties may be better at video games.

23. There is a myth that left-handed people are more likely to be criminals, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

24. Left-handed people are just as intelligent as right-handed people.

25. Left-handedness is not a learning disability.

26. There is no need to try to force a left-handed child to become right-handed.

27. There are many left-handed celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, and Julia Roberts.

28. Lefties can find left-handed versions of many everyday items, such as notebooks, pens, and computer mice.

29. Left-handed people are special and unique!

30. Left-handed people have a unique perspective on the world.

31. Left-handed people are often creative and artistic.

32. Left-handed people are good at thinking outside the box.

33. Left-handed people are persistent and determined.

34. Left-handed people are a valuable part of society.

35. The world needs more left-handed people!

36. Lefties may be better at recognizing faces.

37. Left-handed people tend to sleep less than right-handed people.

38. Lefties may be more prone to allergies.

39. Left-handed people tend to recover from strokes more quickly than right-handed people.

40. There is a left-handed handshake! It’s similar to a regular handshake, but the left hand goes on top.

41. Left-handed people may be better at anticipating the actions of others.

42. Lefties tend to be more open-minded.

43. Left-handed people are more likely to be vegetarian or vegan.

44. Lefties may be better at divergent thinking, which is the ability to come up with multiple creative solutions to a problem.

45. Left-handed people tend to be more emotionally expressive.

46. Lefties may be better at mental rotation tasks, which involve imagining how an object would look if it were rotated in space.

Famous people who are left handed

Leonardo da Vinci
oprah winfrey

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