25 Fun Facts About Tacos for Kids

facts about Tacos for Kids

Why are Tacos so special? Why do Americans love Tacos? What makes them worth trying? When is the National Taco Day? You will learn all about Tacos in these 25 Fun Facts About Tacos for Kids.

Unless you’re one of many more kids in the world who simply adore tacos, then there is a reasonable probability that you already know one thing about these traditional foods from Mexico: they are mouthwateringly delicious.

Tacos are a typical and traditional dish in Mexico. A tortilla is rolled or wrapped around a filling, and then the finished product is called a burrito.

Tacos, on the other hand, are not only about how good they taste. There is a lot more to them. In point of fact, I’m going to tell you a few fun facts regarding tacos that most people probably have no idea even exist.

Those who had it regularly received the nutrients and energy needed to carry out their daily activities, making it a staple meal.

Here are some Facts About Tacos for Kids you need to know:

Facts About Tacos for Kids

1. People consume 4.5 billion tacos annually in the United States, as reported on NationalTacoDay.com. Not only do Americans enjoy tacos, but they also frequently visit Taco Bell restaurants.

2. When talking about Taco Bell, we should mention that the brand began in 1954 as just a burger shop. Because they were located in a predominantly Hispanic area, they eventually began selling hard tacos.

3. We can also translate the term “light lunch” as “plug” or “wad.” There are other possible translations, such as “plug,” but “light lunch” is the most common one.

4. Lamb shawarma came into Mexico by Lebanese immigrants in the year 1930, which is where tacos al pastor got its start.

5. On November 20, 2011, in the Mexican state of Queretaro, there was an attempt to build the world’s giant taco. It measured 246 feet in length and had carnitas stuffed within it for the stuffing.

facts about Tacos for Kids

6. 1905, which is when They introduced tacos for the first time in the country. They were the first people in the city to operate their own food stand, and the rest is old history.

7. Although the majority of people believe that eating tacos at any time of the day is OK, there is, in fact, a designated “taco hour” each day.

8. Tradition in Mexico dictates that people need to consume antojitos in the afternoon, whereas seafood tacos should be consumed during the lunch hour.

9. The original fusion taco, which consisted of Korean BBQ covered in tortillas, was the brainchild of Roy Choi & his colleague Mark Manguera, who ran a taco truck.

10. The taco originated in Mexico long before the advent of the Spanish. It is believed that native people who lived in the city of Mexico customarily consumed tacos stuffed with various types of tiny fish.

facts about Tacos for Kids

11. There is a lack of concrete evidence on the history of the taco, and most hypotheses regarding the origin of the word in its culinary context are purely speculative.

12. One of the best things about tacos is their adaptability; you can put almost anything you want inside them.

13. Did you guys know that tacos in a hard shell that have been folded up can also be called taquitos, as well as tacos dorados in the Spanish language.

14. You are free to put anything you want inside your tortilla chip. Whether you are a vegetarian, a pescatarian, or perhaps an obsessive consumer of all different kinds of meat does not matter.

15. You can get tacos from food trucks all around the United States. On the other hand, the very first taco truck appeared in New York in 1966. It primarily used the mobile kitchen for catering.

facts about Tacos for Kids

16. One of the most well-known examples of Tex-Mex food can be found in the United States and is known as breakfast tacos. These tacos are of stuffing soft corn and flour tortillas with meat and eggs.

17. Although rice is not generally included in tacos, you are free to include it in your meal if you so like. On the other side, this grain is frequently included in burritos.

18. In the same way that wealthy Mexicans first from the 19th century enjoyed bread, NASA did as well; however, the crumbs caused an intolerable mess in a world with zero gravity.

19. We observe National Taco Day annually on October 4; in honor of this momentous occasion, we invite you to join us for dinner at our establishment on that day.

20. “Light lunch” is the meaning of Taco word, which is pretty amusing if you take into account the fact that people prefer to stuff the tacos with different kinds of unique and sometimes heavy contents.

facts about Tacos for Kids

21. You can not only consume tacos but also watch them while they are in the preparation stages. 

22. 1914 was the year that saw the first appearance of a taco dish in an English cookbook.

23. It is economical and simple to procure, these days, the Birria Taco uses beef which simmers in a flavorful broth. However, in the past, they typically prepared it with either goat or lamb meat.

24. People believe that the founder of Taco Bell thought of the U-shaped crisp taco shell. We believe that he’s the first person to cook the shells ahead of time.

25. During the eating process, people used tortillas as scoops for either beans or chili consumption. The women would send food for the men laboring in the fields, which they would wrap up in tortillas.


People all over the world love tacos. From kids to adults, everyone likes to have a piece of it. The above-mentioned fun facts about tacos are a result of accurate research on Tacos.

Here, I conclude my article on the facts about tacos for Kids.

I hope these 25 facts about Tacos for Kids were informative for you.

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