Sunday Fun Facts for Kids

sunday facts for kids

In this article we will provide 20 fun facts about Sunday and share some valuable info on the unique day of the week. If you are learning about the days of the week and looking for some quick facts, this post is right for you.

Sunday is always a fun day for everyone, especially the kids. If you come to think of it, there’s a lot more to Sundays than just being the leisure day of the week.

In the United States, Sunday is sometimes seen as the first day of the week. In contrast, the UK and other countries like to think of it at the end of the week. 

In some religions, like Christianity, Sunday is also seen as a day of worship. For instance, Palm Sunday or the Sunday before Easter each year is of great significance. It is the final day of Lent and is a day of peace and salvation. 

Having talked about both general and significant facts about Sundays, they do have a special significance for kids.

While the whole weekend is “off-from-school” for kids in some countries, in others, only Sunday remains the day off. Let’s have a look at some fun facts about this fun day.

20 Sunday Fun Facts for Parents, Teachers and Students

1. The name Sunday stems from the Roman day of the Sun God. Sun in the early Roman era was known to be all source of life, warmth, and illumination. Thus, it came to exist as a day of prayer and catching the pious rays of the Sun.tail, unlike anything you see in the forest. 

sunday facts

2. While other days of the week are different in different languages, cultures, and places of the world, a day of “the Sun” remains common. Sunday, Domingo. Zondag, Sonntag, and Dydd Sul are Sundays in different languages. 

3. In Greece, Sunday is also synonymous with Lord’s Day. I

4. Easter Sunday is a significant day in Christian mythology. This was the day when Jesus was resurrected from the dead. 

5. Palm Sunday is the first Sunday of the Holy Easter week. People attend special Church services and light candles to mark victory and goodness on this day.

6. To seek the blessings of the palms, palm leaves, and branches are collected, blessed, and ashed on Palm Sunday.

Sunday facts for kids

7. The color red is closely associated with Sunday. Even the Catholic Church Vicar wears a red robe for Palm Sunday celebrations.

8. As per Hellenistic astrology, Sunday was started as the first day of the week. However, eventually, in various countries, it came to be recognized as the day of no work. In Russia, Sunday is called Воскресенье which resonates with resurrection day.

9. Sunday and sports also have close correlations. Sunday is the official ending day of all Golf tournaments. No one knows why, but it has long been a tradition to end professional golf tournaments on Sundays!

10. Formula one racing events and many other events like the NASCAR Sprint Cup and MotoGP have always been Sunday events. While this might be coincidental, too, it so happens that this “no work” day has been the first working day for many sportspersons.

11. Many suggest that Sunday for Sports could actually make sense from a business standpoint. As the official off-day of all the spectators, it perhaps does make sense to have sports events starting on Sundays.

12. Contrary to the culture in many parts of the world, in some Muslim and Israeli countries, Sunday is set to be the first day of the workweek. So, both Christian and Hebrew calendars place it on day one! Only that one is a part of the weekend while the other is a literal first workday.

sunday facts

13. Contrary to the “Sunday is the first day” theory, ISO, i.e., the International Organization for Standardization, classifies Sunday as day 7 of the week. We are not surprised, as many people in modern society do the same!

14. Sunday was first coined in first and second-century Rome. While your next ‘off-day’ is close and exciting, the first one is dated long back, way before its modern interpretations came into existence.

15. For Germans, “Sunday rest” is a serious affair. Sonntag or Sunday in Germany is a strictly enforced day of rest. No shopping, consumerism, and several other business closedowns are imposed in many parts of Germany.

16. While Sunday is traditionally the chill day of the week, it also goes with many songs to relax. Sunday Girl, Sunday Morning, A Sunday Kind of Love, That’s What I Love About Sunday, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, and Everyday Is Like Sunday – are a mix of upbeat and sensational songs on the Sunday vibe.

17. Even the newest way of chilling – “Netflix and chill” turn out to be Sunday compatible. Many TV and OTT dramas and shows air on Sundays. Especially Sunday Talk Shows like Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week, and Fox News Sundays have their own loyal followers who tune in every week.

18. “Bloody Sunday” was a Sunday in January 1972, where a violent event was observed in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Another “Bloody Sunday” was a turning point for the Russian revolution in 1905.

sunday facts

19. In January 1982, an incredibly chilly Sunday was called “Cold Sunday.” This day recorded the all-time lowest temperature across the U.S. and Canada.

20. Ending Sunday facts on a fun note for kids – the term “Sundae” in ice cream sundaes is actually related to Sunday. As created by Sonntag in Germany, it was to be called “Sonntag,” i.e., Sunday. Since Sunday was already taken, it came to be called Sundae!


Sundays since ages have been the much-needed reset day across cultures and continents. A lazy, chilling, diet-cheat day could have so many fun facts – Who knew? 

We hope you enjoyed reading some interesting Sunday facts. The next time you thank the Roman creators of Sundays for giving you a break, remember the layered history this day has, with so much that has happened over the years on Sundays. For personal calm or Sunday the Palm, we hope your Sunday is as fun as these Sunday facts!

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