Facts About Heaven

Facts about Heaven

Is heaven a real place? Are there really angels and harps up there? And what about loved ones who have passed away- do we see them again once we get to heaven? Here are some interesting facts about heaven that may just surprise you!

You might not find a straightforward answer if you search “what is heaven.” This is because heaven is something that no one can define as such. However, it’s believed to be a place where Gods and angels live. Due to this, it’s among those places where everyone wants to go. 

However, is heaven a real place or just a thought out of the imagination? Is it possible to live in heaven with the almighty God? Though answers to such questions are very difficult, they are not impossible, according to the Holy Books. 

According to the Bible, heaven is a real place where people whom God wants can live. If these facts seem interesting to you, continue reading for more such interesting facts. 

Top 38 Facts about Heaven

1. You might know that heaven is the place that accepts you after your death. However, it is a myth that everyone who comes to heaven becomes an angel. Additionally, kids too don’t become angels in heaven. After your death, only the place changes, not the person. 

2. Heaven is a place that doesn’t discriminate against people based on their caste, color, religion, or creed. Every human being is welcome in heaven.

3. In heaven, there is no time. In other words, there is no night, morning, or afternoon in heaven. Everything remains the same every time as they are.

4. Heaven is not in this universe. Its location is somewhere outside the universe.

5. According to the Bible, the distance between the Earth and heaven is infinity.

6. In heaven, there is no pain. That is, there is no more death, mourning, crying, or pain in heaven. 

8. In heaven, you remain surrounded by only God and other angels like you.

9. Heaven has an entry fee and that is good deeds.

10. Just like your physical body on Earth, you will continue to have a physical body in heaven.

Facts about Heaven

11. Heaven is eternal.

12. No matter how many sins you commit in your life before death, all those sins will get washed away after entering heaven.

13. In heaven, there will be a large number of people.

14. In heaven, Satan is the brightest angel to have ever lived. On the contrary, Lucifer fell from heaven after revolting against God.

15. In Hinduism, heaven is a place where you can find everything. From orchards to rivers, from waterfalls to valleys, and so on.

16. Heaven is a place where God is.

17. Heaven is a physical place. It’s not an imaginary place covered with clouds and everyone floats around. 

18. The opposite to heaven is hell.

19. If hell is a place located beneath the Earth, heaven is a place located above the Earth. 

20. According to some religious and Holy books, heaven is a place where angels, souls, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate.

Facts about Heaven

21. The other terms used to describe heaven are ” highest place”, “paradise”, ” holiest place”, etc.

22. The modern term “heaven” was derived from “heven”. Again, “heven” was derived from another old term “heofon”.

23. In some religious teachings, there is a relation between seven heavens and seven levels of heaven. 

24. In the Bible, there are three heavens. These include the atmospheric heaven, the celestial heaven, and the home of God. 

25. Unlike what books say, heaven is not a place where you will walk on the clouds or float in the air. It’s a physical place and completely different from this.

26. Heaven is not boring at all. What you are doing right now, you can do the same in heaven, however, under the glory of the God.

27. The best thing about heaven is that even if you are disabled, all your disabilities will go away in heaven. 

28. There are some studies that say that there is considerable evidence of animals in heaven.

29. You can meet and take care of all those whom you stayed with or loved being on the planet Earth. 

30. Contrary to heaven, hell is a place that welcomes devils and their fallen angels.

Facts about Heaven

31. Not all people indeed can live in heaven. Some would go to hell as well. 

32. In heaven, you will have no pain at all. All you would have is joy and peace for every moment till eternity.

33. There is complete silence in heaven due to peaceful people and God.

34. If you think that you will become an angel after death, you are wrong. When someone dies, their soul leaves the body and goes to heaven to live with God. Hence, only the location of the person changes, not everything.

35. You can recognize each other in heaven through the eyes of God.

36. Heaven is a more beautiful place than the planet Earth. 

37. You cannot choose between hell and heaven. Only God can decide where you would go after your death – heaven or hell.

38. After your death, if you go to heaven, your family can speak with you through prayers and God. This is not possible if anyone goes to hell. 

Facts about Heaven


Heaven is a place where we will be reunited with our loved ones and live in eternal happiness. Although we may not know what it looks like, we can be sure that it will be a beautiful place.

Many people still believe that heaven is an imaginary place. In reality, a place like heaven does exist. Hence, it is completely false that heaven doesn’t exist. 

In reality, heaven is considered to be a better place for the departed souls to live their life after leaving the universe. Heaven is located above the universe and above everyone’s reach. We hope you enjoyed reading facts about heaven here.