Facts about Toothpaste You Really Need to Know

Facts about Toothpaste

We all know that we should do teeth brushing every day, but do you know why Toothpaste is essential? Toothpaste helps remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth. It also polishes your teeth and helps to protect your teeth against cavities. In this article, you will learn 46 facts about Toothpaste.

Toothpaste comes in various flavours. Thus, it’s not just good for your teeth, but it’s also enjoyable to use. So next time you’re brushing your teeth, thank the Toothpaste for its hard work!

Since the period of the ancient Egyptians, people have used mixtures of various substances to pursue a single goal: cleaning their teeth effectively. In ancient times, they used to use tooth powder instead of Toothpaste.

Facts about Toothpaste

So here you will find the 45 interesting facts about Toothpaste. So let’s read them.

46 Facts of Toothpaste

1. China and India produced the first Toothpaste in 5000 BC.

2. People used burnt eggshells, oyster shells, crushed rock salt, and herbs to make toothpowder in the early days. 

3. The world’s first known toothpaste formula was written in the 5th century by an Egyptian scribe; archaeological research called it ” powder for white and perfect teeth.” 

4. The very first modernized Toothpaste was fabricated in 1780. 

5. Before Toothpaste in ancient times, people used tooth powder to clean teeth. But in the 18 century, Dr Peabody added soap to the tooth powder, which turned it into a paste. And since then, people have been using it as Toothpaste.

6. The combination of Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda make the first Toothpaste in the early 19 century.

7. Toothpaste manufacturers include fluoride, colourants, flavours, sweeteners, and other additives today. All these help the Toothpaste stay wet.

8. Fluoride is not present in every Toothpaste.

9. Fluoride in Toothpaste prevents tooth decay by nourishing the tooth enamel.

10. Toothpaste is composed of almost 20-42% of water. Other components include mild abrasive, humectant, thickening agents, and detergents.

Facts about Toothpaste

11. Toothpaste with an ADA seal of acceptance surely enriches with fluoride.

12. Toothpaste doesn’t have any sugar content.

13. Sweetening flavours are added to give a taste to your Toothpaste. These sweetening flavours are saccharin or sorbitol.

14. Whitening Toothpaste usually has hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. It is best to remove intrinsic staining.

15. Seaweed is used as a thickening ingredient in Toothpaste to make it squeeze out smoothly.

16. There are so many varieties of Toothpaste that come in various colours and flavours.

17. The primary flavours of Toothpaste are peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen.

18. Mild abrasives in toothpaste work as an inactive ingredient that gives cleaning power to Toothpaste.

19. One can use Toothpaste as soon as the teeth erupt early.

20. The charcoal toothpaste can be pretty abrasive and, if used regularly, can collapse the enamel. If applied to visible root surfaces, this impact will increase. It is the root cause of tooth sensitivity.

Facts about Toothpaste

21. Bears love the smell of Toothpaste, and your Toothpaste smells like a tasty meal for them. If you are camping, make sure to store your Toothpaste from the bear.

22. You can easily buy gluten-free Toothpaste if you find any difficulty with gluten-enriched Toothpaste.

23. Applying Toothpaste to acne can help you get rid of it.

24. A bug bite stain can also vanish if you use Toothpaste.

25. Overeating sugar gives birth to cavities. Using Toothpaste removes those cavities if applied two times a day or per the doctor’s prescription.

26. Natural flavours and artificial sweeteners improve toothpaste taste, which gives you fresh breath.

27. There are Mild abrasives in the Toothpaste that help remove plaque from teeth.

28. The best abrasives commonly used in making Toothpaste are hydrated aluminium oxides, calcium carbonate, and, most importantly, baking soda.

29. Edible Toothpaste is the invention of astronauts. While travelling in space, astronauts use edible Toothpaste because space is weightless. Mostly they swallow the Toothpaste after brushing, which led to the invention of edible Toothpaste.

30. Toothpaste changes the way your mouth interprets tastes. It works by inhibiting taste receptors on your tongue that detect sweetness.

Facts about Toothpaste

31. Humectants in the Toothpaste prevent it from drying out.

32. Glycerol and glycol enrich Toothpaste has an excellent paste-like texture.

33. Toothpaste is also the best in defogging goggles.

34. With the help of Toothpaste, you can remove odours like onions, fish smell, and other heavy smells that are coming from your mouth.

35. Toothpaste is best for cleaning your teeth and helps remove the foul lines of crayons on your walls.

36. You can use Toothpaste to remove some of the most difficult stains on your favourite clothing items, including lipstick stains, spaghetti sauce splashes, and juice spills.

37. Brushing your teeth with the right Toothpaste will help you remove plaque from your teeth and gums.

38. The foamy texture in the Toothpaste is all because of high-quality detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

39. Toothpaste is classified as a colloid by Combining powdered and liquid components,

40. If your mouth has an odour, using a toothbrush will freshen the breath and produce fragrance in your mouth.

41. Using whiteners is not to whiten your teeth but to remove surface stains.

42. The shelf life of Toothpaste is two years from the date of manufacture on the packaging unless otherwise stated on the container.

43. The alkaline is also present in the Toothpaste, which neutralizes the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth.

44. You can easily clean your sneakers with a dab of Toothpaste applied to white sneakers. 

45. Toothpaste has similar properties to hair gel and can help keep hair follicles in check.

46. Foaming agents, cleaning agents, and flavourings are the essential substances in Toothpaste for teeth and enamel protection. 

Facts about Toothpaste


The Toothpaste improves oral health by removing dental plaque, food, and halitosis. It helps in the prevention of decay (dental caries) as well as the treatment of gum disease (gingivitis) and supplies active substances (most commonly fluoride).

As you can see, Toothpaste can perform various cleaning functions and provide you brilliant smile with a lovely shape. So with its cleaning and polishing capabilities, Toothpaste can help you in multiple ways.

Also, Toothpaste is a good substitute for a variety of cleaning products. You may use it to clean your bathroom, repair damaged walls, soothe itchy skin, etc.

We have compiled all the facts about Toothpaste for you in this article. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading these facts about Toothpaste.