25 Fun Facts about UCLA

25 Fun Facts about UCLA

What does UCLA stand for? When was UCLA established? Is UCLA the top university? Find answers to these and many more questions in these fun facts about UCLA.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world and is in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.

UCLA has risen rapidly to become one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, offering dozens of degrees to some of the nation’s best students.

If you’re wondering about UCLA, the following Fun Facts about UCLA will provide helpful and amusing information.

Fun Facts about UCLA

1. UCLA was established in 1919 as the Southern Branch of UC Berkeley; it is the ONLY world-class research university founded in the 20th century.

2. In the early years of its existence, people called UCLA’s football team the “Cubs.” It was because UCLA was still a branch campus of UC Berkeley.

3. In 2016, UCLA received the most applications in the country. Roughly one hundred twenty thousand students competed for only seventeen thousand positions, with UCLA prevailing by nearly ten thousand applications over Berkeley.

4. Before the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum prohibited it, a live bear used to take the field at UCLA home football games.

5. During his stint at UCLA, legendary coach John Wooden won ten national titles in basketball. No other institution has won as many titles. Kentucky ranks second with eight national titles.

6. The Royce Hall is entirely asymmetrical. Numerous architectural irregularities exist, such as the number of windows on each side and the brick patterns employed.

7. During finals week, students at UCLA go for a “Midnight Yell.” As a break from studying, they do yell at midnight.

8. UCLA initiated the Internet in 1969. UCLA sent the first Internet transmission to Stanford University. Immediately after transmitting, the computer that transferred it malfunctioned.

9. On campus, many films have been shot, and Legally Blonde served as the Harvard campus.

10. The five common undergraduate degrees at UCLA are business economics, biology, psychology, political science, and psychobiology.

25 Fun Facts about UCLA

11. The initial four Westwood Campus buildings were Royce Hall, the College Library, the Physics-Biology Building, and the Chemistry Building.

12. The Daily Bruin, the award-winning newspaper of UCLA, is the third most widely distributed newspaper in Los Angeles. Consistently regarded as the best campus newspaper in the United States.

13. Originally located in Hollywood, the UCLA campus relocated to Westwood Village in 1929.

14. The Royce Hall building’s two towers have 52 variances between the left and right sides.

15. Six former UCLA basketball players are competing in the NBA.

16. On campus, there are more than 68 Greek-letter groups.

17. Cultural, academic, and social fraternities and sororities provide hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to UCLA.

18. The campus rivalry has resulted in some genuinely hilarious pranks.

19. UCLA is among the minor UC institutions. UCLA’s campus is merely 419 acres or 10% of the size of UC Davis’s 5,300-acre campus.

20. UCLA was the first institution to achieve 100 championships.

25 Fun Facts about UCLA

21. Overwhelmingly, 97% of UCLA’s first-year students reside in on-campus accommodations. It is a fantastic approach to creating a ton of new friends immediately!

22. The custom of awarding the ‘Victory Bell’ to the winner of the annual USC-UCLA football game began in 1941 when USC students seized the 295-pound bell from UCLA.

23. UCLA is the fourth-oldest institution in the University of California’s 10-campus system.

24. UCLA will host two Olympic sports during the 2028 Summer Olympics: wrestling and judo. UCLA will also host the Olympic Village and the Paralympic Games.

25. The athletes of UCLA have amassed 261 Olympic medals, which is more than most countries.

25 Fun Facts about UCLA


UCLA has established a famous reputation by offering a wide variety of courses taught by knowledgeable staff.

UCLA offers its students a lot and is one of the best universities.

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