Facts about Number 16

Facts about Number 16

This article will share some cool and interesting facts about the number 16.

One of the most interesting subjects of all time is Numerology, the ancient study of numbers. Over the years, people have said many things about numbers and number systems. Some people have attributed superstitions to a particular number. Some other people believe in the numerological importance of a number. 

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15 Facts about Number 16

1. Sixteen is one of the natural numbers in the number system, followed by seventeen. Sixteen is a composite number. That means it has more than two factors except one and itself. 

2. Often you may find people confusing sixteen (sixteen) and 60 (sixty) because they are homophonic in that sense. 

3. In Portuguese and Spanish, the number sixteen is a compound number. A compound number is created with two different number sets. For this reason, the Portuguese word for sixteen is dezasseis and the Spanish counterpart dieciséis means “10 and 6”.

4. Sixteen is a square number ( 4*4=sixteen). Also, sixteen is the only number with a format of x^​y= y^​x ( x and y being different numbers, that is 2 and 4). 

5. Sum of the first four odd numbers is sixteen. The hexadecimal number system recognizes sixteen as its base. 

Facts About Number 16

6. Today’s compasses are the moderated versions of the old rose compasses. The one used in the old map, namely compass rose, had sixteen directions to read the map. The compasses, which you are familiar with, only point at eight directions and angular readers. However, the old ones used to have direction pointers like east-north-east, north-north-east, etc. 

7. Another fantastic fact about the number sixteen is its massive role in different regions’ weight and measurement systems. Sixteen is the fourth power of two. Hence, weighing light objects is often linked to the number. 

8. In biology, there is a surprising symmetry of sixteen. A cell divides itself into two halves, and this way, they grow. If your body cells divides itself into two halves every thirty minutes. You will have sixteen cells in two hours.

9. The preliminary version of butterflies, a caterpillar, has sixteen legs! Surprisingly, when they transform into butterflies, the sixteen legs turn into six legs!

10. In many countries like Canada, New Zealand, the USA, Norway, Africa, you can get a driving license at sixteen. So, once you turn sixteen, you can apply for a license and ride your favorite bike or car. 

Facts About Number 16
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11. The strange connection between the number sixteen and King Louis is that you can find sixteen different kings of the same name. Even the French King Louis XVI was not only the last of his kind. But he was also the last monarch of France before 1792 when the Monarchy fell. 

Facts About Number 16

12. The two players participating in the Chess game have sixteen pieces each. That means a game or an entire board of Chess consists of sixteen pieces for each player and a total of thirty-two pieces. Also, there are sixteen pawns in total on a chessboard. 

13. The standard unit of Indian currency is the rupee. Earlier, one rupee was made up of sixteen anas. This tradition continued from 1865 to 1957. Afterward, the currency system changed with time. But initially, the number sixteen was immensely vital. 

14. There is a novel, namely Molloy, written by Samuel Beckett. In the novel, the author featured an account of sixteen pebbles. It is one of the most extended and detailed explanations of solving a mathematical problem in fiction. 

15. The Myers-Briggs classification system defines people’s personality types. According to the system, all the people in the world can be divided into sixteen personality types.

Facts About Number 16


So, these were some amazing facts about the number sixteen. The whole numerical system itself is a fun thing to explore. And if you make a habit of exploring these number systems and their wonders, you are bound to love them. 

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