Fun Facts About Lois Griffin

Fun Facts About Lois Griffin

Who is Lois Griffin? Who is the well-grounded housewife? Who’s voice is behind the Lois Griffin role? Find out these answers and many more here in the fun facts about Lois Griffin article.

The cartoon comedy created by Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy, refers to Lois Griffin as “the well-grounded housewife” or “the voice of reason.” Lois isn’t flawless by any means; she has a shady history and surprising personality quirks.

Not all of her personality traits are of equal weight, and she has made some questionable choices throughout her life. Here are some fun facts about Lois Griffin that will shed light on her personality and background.

Facts About Lois Griffin

1. Lois Patrice Griffin is her full legal name.

2. Alex Borstein lends his voice to the role of Lois Griffin.

3. The cousin of Alex Borstein served as the inspiration for her character’s New York accent.

4. Kei Ogawa provides the voice of Lois Griffin in a brief scene from the later episode “Road to the Multiverse,” in which Stewie and Brian go to an alternate reality in which Japanese culture predominates in the United States.

5. In the “Sibling Rivalry” episode, Lois becomes the heavier spouse instead of Peter.

6. In one episode, Lois’s long-lost brother Carl is revealed to be a serial murderer who targets overweight victims.

7. The 1980s saw Lois Griffin’s breakout role in the pornographic film A Quest For Fur.

8. Lois had a one-night stand with Gene Simmons, one-half of the KISS frontman duo.

9. Lois Griffin wed Peter not just because of his wealth and status but also because of his zaniness.

10. In the series, Lois Griffin has overcome her addiction to meth.

Fun Facts About Lois Griffin
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11. Lois Griffin is shown to be a highly absentee and negligent mother to Meg and Chris and later to Stewie.

12. Lois Griffin has been unfaithful to Peter on several occasions. The term “Loose Lois” is first used to describe her in “Road to Europe” due to her propensity for extramarital relationships.

13. Lois was supposed to be a blonde in the Family Guy pilot.

14. Stewie, Lois’s son, has a history of being frank with his mother, with his first words to her being, “Damn you, horrible lady!”

15. Meg Griffin’s sister, Lois, shares her mother’s nose and lips.

16. Lois’s age is about 43.

17. Meg Thompson was the outcome of an affair between Lois and a guy named Stan Thompson.

18. In the “Stew-roids” episode, Lois demonstrates her lack of affection for her daughter Meg by sending her to school with a lunch of leftovers and a photo of herself munching on a chicken leg.

19. Lois is bisexual in many episodes of Family Guy. In the episode “Brian Sings and Swings,” for instance, Lois demonstrates to Meg how to kiss a female by kissing one of Meg’s lesbian friends.

20. According to a quotation from “Lethal Weapons,” Stewie Griffin set a bomb for his mother Lois to go off on her 50th birthday. To Lois: “Happy 50th birthday!”

Fun Facts About Lois Griffin
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21. Lois spoke exceptionally slowly initially, but as the series progressed, her pace quickened. Seth MacFarlane requested that Alex Borstein speed the tempo of the character’s voice so that it would be appropriate for the length of each episode.

22. Before having her current trio of kids, Lois had had two. Peter Jr. was one, while the other was a very overweight boy left at the cinema after becoming trapped in his seat.

23. Lois Griffin claims that hiding the truth that her spouse is an idiot is the root cause of her brain tumor.

24. Parents Barbara and Carter Pewtershmidt raised Lois Griffin.

25. Stern Pinball has released a game featuring Lois Griffin with original music and sound effects by Alex Borstein.

26. Lois takes a job as a phone sex operator in the episode “Call Girl.”

27. Lois murdered Stewie. Lois cannot murder her son Stewie, so her husband Peter steps in and takes care of business.

28. In “It Takes a Village Idiot and I Married one,” Lois Griffin assumed Quahog’s mayor role.

29. Squeaking Bubblewrap is the most annoying thing in the world to Lois Griffin. Fran Drescher plays Lois Griffin in the actual Griffins.


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