A Picture of Saturn's Moon Atlas

Atlas Facts

  • Moon Name: Atlas
  • Designation: Saturn XV
  • Date Discovered: 1980
  • Discovered by: R. Terrile (Voyager 1)
  • Average Orbit of Saturn: 85,544 miles
  • Total Mass: 7,268,796,326,564 tons
  • Surface Area: 1106.28 square miles

10 Atlas Facts for Kids

  1. Atlas is one of Saturn's 82 known moons (natural satellites).
  2. The moon Atlas is named after the Greek mythology god Atlas.
  3. Atlas has two designations; they are Saturn XV and S/1980 S 28.
  4. Atlas was discovered in 1980 by Richard J. Terrile using photographs taken by Voyager 1.
  5. Atlas orbits Saturn just outside the sharp outer edge of Ring A.
  6. Atlas is classified as an inner satellite (moon) of Saturn.
  7. The diameter of the moon Atlas is 18.765 mi.
  8. The average orbit distance for Atlas is 85,544 mi.
  9. The surface area of the moon Atlas is 1,106.28 mi2.
  10. The NASA spacecraft Cassini has taken several high-resolution pictures of Atlas while visiting Saturn.

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