Hyperion Facts for Kids

A Picture of Saturn's Moon Hyperion
  • Moon Name: Hyperion
  • Designation: Saturn VII
  • Date Discovered: September 16th, 1848
  • Discovered by: W. & G. Bond and W. Lassell
  • Average Orbit of Saturn: 932,637 miles
  • Total Mass: 6,157,000,888,433,418 tons
  • Surface Area: 88,425.92 square miles

14 Hyperion Facts for Kids

  1. Hyperion is one of Saturn’s 82 known moons (natural satellites).
  2. The moon Hyperion is named after the Titan god Hyperion.
  3. Hyperion is also designated as Saturn VII.
  4. Hyperion was discovered on September 16th, 1848 by William Bond, George Bond and William Lassell.
  5. The average orbit distance for Hyperion is 932,637 mi.
  6. The diameter of the moon Hyperion is 167.77 mi.
  7. The surface area of the moon Hyperion is 88,425.92 mi2.
  8. Hyperion has a very distinct irregular shape and was the first non-round moon discovered by astronomers.
  9. Hyperion is the second largest known moon in our Solar System with a highly irregular shape.
  10. One hypothesis for Hyperion’s irregular shape is a larger body was impacted in the distance past and Hyperion is a fragment from this impact event.
  11. The surface of Hyperion has an unexplained sponge-like appearance.
  12. The orientation of Hyperion is unpredictable due to its chaotic rotation.
  13. Based on data from the latest Cassini flyby, it’s estimated that Hyperion is mostly ice water and has very little rock.
  14. Voyager 2 and Cassini are the only two spacecrafts to photograph Hyperion.

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