Elara Facts for Kids

A Picture of Jupiter's Moon Elara
  • Moon Name: Elara
  • Designation: Jupiter VII
  • Date Discovered: January 5th, 1905
  • Discovered by: Charles D. Perrine
  • Average Orbit of Jupiter: 7,295,519.16 mi
  • Total Volume: 79,900.06 mi3
  • Surface Area: 8,971.16 mi2

14 Elara Facts for Kids

  1. Elara is one of the 79 known moons of the planet Jupiter.
  2. Elara is named after the mother of the giant Tityos in Greek mythology.
  3. Elara is also designated as Jupiter VII.
  4. Elara was discovered on January 5th, 1905 by American astronomer Charles Perrine.
  5. The average orbit distance for Elara is 7,295,519.16 miles.
  6. The total surface area of Elara is 8,971.16 mi2.
  7. The total volume of Elara is 79,900.06 mi3.
  8. Elara takes over 259.6 days to complete an orbit around Jupiter.
  9. Elara is the fifteenth closest moon to the planet Jupiter.
  10. Elara is the seventh most massive moon orbiting Jupiter.
  11. Elara is one of the five moons in the Himalia group orbiting Jupiter.
  12. Elara is the second largest moon in the Himalia group.
  13. One hypothesis of the origins of Elara is that it’s a capture C or D type asteroid.
  14. Images of Elara were taken by the NASA New Horizons spacecraft in 2007 from 5 million miles away.

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