Lake Erie Facts for Kids

A Map of Lake Erie
  • Lake Name: Lake Erie
  • Average Depth: 62 feet
  • Maximum Depth: 210 feet
  • Elevation: 571 feet
  • Surface Area: 9,910 mi2
  • Water Volume: 116 mi3


21 Lake Erie Facts for Kids

  1. Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes of North America.
  2. Lake Erie is one of the largest freshwater bodies of water in the world.
  3. The shoreline of Lake Erie borders the U.S. states of Ohio, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) and the Canadian province of Ontario.
  4. The most populated city along Lake Erie is Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  5. Lake Erie contains about 116 cubic miles of water.
  6. Lake Erie contains the least amount of water out of the five Great Lakes.
  7. Lake Erie is the eighteenth largest lake in the world by water volume.
  8. The surface of Lake Erie covers 9,910 square miles.
  9. Lake Erie has the second least amount of surface area of the five Great Lakes.
  10. Lake Erie is the eleventh largest lake in the world by surface area.
  11. The average depth of Lake Erie is 62 feet and the deepest part is 210 feet.
  12. Lake Erie is the shallowest of the five Great Lakes.
  13. Lake Erie is at an average elevation of 571 feet above sea level.
  14. Lake Erie has a total of 31 islands, 18 in the United States and 13 in Canada.
  15. The largest island in Lake Erie is Pelee Island in Ontario, Canada.
  16. Lake Erie has the largest population of fish out of all the Great Lakes.
  17. Some estimates claim 50% of all the fish living in the Great Lakes are found in Lake Erie.
  18. Some of the common fish species found in Lake Erie are walleye, smallmouth bass and trout.
  19. The primary water inlet for Lake Erie is the Detroit River.
  20. The primary water outlet for Lake Erie is the Niagara River.
  21. The evaporation rate of Lake Erie is estimated to be 34 inches per year.

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