The Battle of Kursk

Battle of Kursk Facts

  • Battle Name: Battle of Kursk
  • Battle Start Date: July 5th, 1943
  • Battle End Date: August 23rd, 1943
  • Battle Belligerents: Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union
  • Battle Winner: Soviet Union
  • Total Casualties: 500,000+

15 Battle of Kursk Facts for Kids

  1. The Battle of Kursk was a military engagement during World War 2 on the Eastern Front.
  2. The Battle of Kursk was a part of the German Operation Citadel.

  3. The Battle of Kursk was fought at and around Kursk, Kursk Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.
  4. The Battle of Kursk was fought between July 5th, 1943 and August 23rd, 1943.
  5. The Battle of Kursk was fought between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
  6. The Soviet Union had an advantage during the Battle of Kursk, they knew where the German’s were going to attack based on the information provided by the British Intelligence services.
  7. The Soviet Union had months to build a large network of fortifications to defend the Kursk salient.
  8. The Soviet Union won the Battle of Kursk and regained a large amount of territory that was occupied by Nazi Germany.
  9. The Battle of Kursk was the first time the German Forces were prevented from making a breakthrough during a major military offensive.
  10. The Battle of Kursk was the last time German Forces would be able to launch a major offensive on the Eastern Front.
  11. It’s estimated that the Soviet Army and the German Army had a combined total of casualties over one million.
  12. The Battle of Kursk had one of the biggest tank battles in armored warfare history on July 12th, 1943.
  13. The Soviet Union had almost twice as many tanks as the German’s during the Battle of Kursk.
  14. Even thought the Soviet Union had twice as many tanks, the German’s had introduced two new type of tanks that had a farther effective range, the Tiger Tank and the Panther Tank.
  15. To eliminate the long-range advantage of German tanks a local Soviet Commander named Nikolai Vatutin decided to bury his tanks and only have the turret above ground. This forced German tanks in closer and made it harder for them to destroy Soviet tanks.

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