American Revolutionary War Facts for Kids

American Revolutionary War
  • Conflict Name: American Revolutionary War
  • Conflict Start: April 19th, 1775
  • Conflict End: September 3rd, 1783
  • Conflict Belligerents: Thirteen Colonies (United States) and Great Britain
  • Conflict Winner: United States of America
  • Conflict Location: North America, Africa, Caribbean Sea, Indian subcontinent, Atlantic and Indian Ocean
  • Conflict Deaths: Between 150,000+ fatalities

17 American Revolutionary War Facts for Kids

  1. The American Revolutionary War was fought between April 19th, 1775, and September 3rd, 1783.
  2. The American Revolutionary War officially started when 700 British troops attempted to disarm the Massachusetts militia in Concord, Massachusetts.
  3. This war is commonly known as the American Revolutionary War and the American War of Independence.
  4. The American Revolutionary War was fought between the United States (Thirteen Colonies) and Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain).
  5. The American Revolutionary War was fought primarily over politics, constitutional disagrees and taxes.
  6. The American Revolutionary War was fought in North America, Africa, Caribbean Sea, Indian subcontinent, Atlantic and Indian Ocean.
  7. The Thirteen Colonies (United States) won the American Revolutionary War with the British recognition of American Independence.
  8. It’s estimated that between all belligerents in the American Revolutionary War over 150,000 people died.
  9. The first battles of the American Revolutionary War were the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775. The Thirteen Colonies won both battles and the victories allowed them to start the Siege of Boston.
  10. The Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17th, 1775 proved that the Thirteen Colonies army and militia could fight against British regular troops. While the Thirteen Colonies lost the Battle of Bunker Hill, the British accounted for over 70% of all the casualties from that battle.
  11. Between 1777 and 1778, the Continental Army spent the winter at Valley Forge, and it’s estimated that around 25% of the army died from cold, hunger or disease.
  12. The United States officially declared Independence, via the United States Declaration of Independence, on July 4th, 1776. This was 442 days after the fighting officially started.
  13. The United States Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 delegates of the Second Continental Congress.
  14. The Siege of Yorktown between September 28th, 1781 and October 19th, 1781 was the last major land battle in North America during the American Revolutionary War. The capture of British general Charles Cornwallis and his army by Continental Army general General George Washington, the Continental Army and French Army troops forced Great Britain to negotiate an end to the war.
  15. The American War of Independence officially ended on September 3rd, 1783 with the Treaty of Paris.
  16. George Washington is arguably the most famous person in American history. He was the leader of the Continental Army, the first President of the United States and helped laid the ground work for the United States.
  17. The United States and Great Britain would again be at war in 1812. The War of 1812 was the last major conflict between these two nations.

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