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Cotton Gin Facts for Kids

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18 Cotton Gin Facts for Kids

  1. A cotton gin is a machine used to separate cotton fibers from their seeds.
  2. The cotton gin is a shortened phrase for cotton engine.
  3. The cotton gin greatly increased the profitability of cotton farming.
  4. The cotton gin was invented by American inventor Eli Whitney in 1974.
  5. Eli Whitney’s cotton gin was able to produce about 50 pounds of lint a day.
  6. Prior to the cotton gin, seeds were removed from cotton fibers by hand.
  7. It was estimated that slaves could only produce one pound of cotton lint a day.
  8. There are claims that Eli Whitney got the idea for the cotton gin when watching a cat trying to claw at a chicken inside a wooden coop and kept getting it’s paws full of feathers.
  9. Eli Whitney’s cotton gin only worked on short-staple cotton and would damage extra-long staple cotton.
  10. American machinist Fones McCarthy invented a cotton gin in 1840 that worked with both short-staple and extra-long staple cotton. At the time, McCarthy’s gin was the fastest on the market and could produce between 150 and 200 pounds of lint a day from just one horse.
  11. A small cotton gin would have been hand-powered and worked by a slave.
  12. A large cotton gin would have been horse or water wheel powered.
  13. The Southern United States was producing two-thirds of the world’s cotton supply by 1860.
  14. The invention of the cotton gin turned the Southern United States into the world’s first agricultural powerhouse.
  15. Production of cotton in the United States exploded after the invention of the cotton gin.
  16. Production went from 750,000 bales of cotton in 1830 to 2.85 million barrels in 1850 in the United States.
  17. The demand for slaves in the Southern United States exploded after the invention of the cotton gin.
  18. The invention of the cotton gin is sometimes claimed to be an indirect cause of the American Civil War.

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