Wormhole Facts for Kids

A Picture of a Wormhole

This web page contains wormhole facts for kids and is a great resource for anyone of any age researching wormholes. We’re going to provide you with the latest and most accurate facts about wormholes from scientific sources. Alongside wormhole facts, you’ll get to see pictures of a theoretical wormhole and additional resources on wormhole.

The wormhole facts below will help you understand what a wormhole is, how we could use wormholes, if you can time travel in a wormhole, how we could travel the universe with wormhole and other useful facts. We hope the below facts about wormhole are helpful and make researching wormhole as exciting as they are.

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11 Wormhole Facts for Kids

  1. A wormhole is a theoretical connection between two different points in spacetime.
  2. A wormhole is also called an Einstein-Rosen bridge or an Einstein-Rosen wormhole.
  3. A wormhole is just a theory. No evidence exists proving wormholes exist or existed in the past.
  4. You can image a wormhole as a tunnel that has two ends, both going to different points in spacetime. These points can lead to different locations, different points in time or a combination of both.
  5. Another way to imagine a wormhole is to think of an earthworm eating through a piece of cake. While one end is sticking out of the top of the cake, the other is sticking out the bottom.
  6. Researchers believe a wormhole could connect different parts of the universe that are billions of light-years away, to different points of time (time travel) or even an alternate universe.
  7. A wormhole in theory could be used to travel faster than the speed of light, allowing humans to explore the galaxy and the observable universe.
  8. A traversable wormhole in theory could be used to travel back in time, however you could not travel into the future.
  9. A wormhole in theory could be used to communicate or travel to parallel universes.
  10. The first proposed concept of a wormhole was by Hermann Weyl in 1928. He referred to his proposed idea as a one-dimensional tubes.
  11. The term wormhole was coined in 1957 by American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler in a paper that was co-authored by American physicist Charles Misner.

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