Sombrero Galaxy Facts for Kids

A Picture of the Sombrero Galaxy
  • Name: Sombrero Galaxy
  • Type of Galaxy: Lenticular Galaxy
  • Estimated Size: 49,000 light-years (diameter)
  • Estimated Stars: ± 700 billion stars
  • Distance from Earth: ± 31 million light-years
  • Discovered: May 11, 1781
  • Discovered by: Pierre Mechain

12 Sombrero Galaxy Facts for Kids

  1. Sombrero is a lenticular galaxy in our universe.
  2. The Sombrero Galaxy is also known as M104, Messier 104 and NGC 4594.
  3. The Sombrero Galaxy got its name by having the same shape and appearance of a Sombrero hat.
  4. The Sombrero Galaxy was discovered by Pierre Mechain on May 11th, 1781.
  5. The apparent magnitude of the Sombrero Galaxy is +8.0.
  6. The Sombrero Galaxy has an estimated diameter of 49,000 light-years.
  7. The Sombrero Galaxy is around 31 million light-years from Earth.
  8. Astronomers estimate the Sombrero Galaxy has around 700 billion stars.
  9. The center of the Sombrero Galaxy has a supermassive black hole.
  10. In 2009, astronomers discovered an ultracompact dwarf galaxy that is a satellite galaxy of Sombrero.
  11. You can locate the Sombrero Galaxy at 11.5° west of Spica and 5.5° northeast of Eta Corvi.
  12. You can view the Sombrero Galaxy using 7×35 binoculars or a 4 inch small telescope.

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