Irregular Galaxy Facts for Kids

A Picture of a Irregular Galaxy
  • Common Name: Irregular galaxy
  • Hubble Sequence Class: Irregular
  • Denotes: Irr I, Irr II or Dlr
  • Appearance Characteristics: No Distinct Shape
  • Example Galaxies: IC 3583 and IC 4710

8 Irregular Galaxy Facts for Kids

  1. An irregular galaxy is a type of galaxy on the Hubble sequence classification scheme.
  2. There are three main types of irregular galaxies, and they are Irr I, Irr II and dlrr.
  3. Irregular galaxies do not have any distinguishable shapes.
  4. Irregular galaxies have a very chaotic appearance and have very random, undistinguishable shapes.
  5. About 25% of all galaxies in the observable universe are thought to be irregular galaxies.
  6. rregular galaxies are usually small, and only have about 10% of the mass of our Milky Way galaxy.
  7. An example of an Irr irregular galaxy is IC 4710 and is classified as a dwarf galaxy.
  8. An example of an Irr-I irregular galaxy is NGC-1427A.

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