The Battle of Verdun

Battle of Verdun Facts

  • Battle Name: Battle of Verdun
  • Battle Start Date: February 21st, 1916
  • Battle End Date: December 18th, 1916
  • Battle Belligerents: German Empire and French Empire
  • Battle Winner: French Empire
  • Total Casualties: 700,000+

17 Battle of Verdun Facts for Kids

  1. The Battle of Verdun was a military campaign on the Western Front during World War 1.
  2. The Battle of Verdun was fought between the German Empire and The French Third Republic.

  3. The Battle of Verdun was fought in hills north of Verdun, France.
  4. The Battle of Verdun was fought between February 21st, 1916 and December 18th, 1916.
  5. The Battle of Verdun was fought for 9 months 3 weeks, 6 days.
  6. The Battle of Verdun was the longest battle of World War One.
  7. The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest battles in the history of warfare.
  8. The Battle of Verdun was fought because The German Empire believed the French Third Republic would use the strategic reserves and that they would be able to inflict huge losses on the French.
  9. The Battle of Verdun was won by France.
  10. The Battle of Verdun resulted in over 700,000 casualties.
  11. The furious and fierce fighting at the Battle of Verdun resulted in an average of 70,000 causalities a month.
  12. By the end of the Battle of Verdun, the German Empire had over 330,000 casualties and the French Third Republic had over 370,000 casualties.
  13. The Battle of Verdun is known for its intense war by attrition and trench warfare.
  14. Many areas involved in the Battle of Verdun were known as no man’s lands, which were areas unoccupied between two armies using trench warfare.
  15. An area known as the Red Zone (Zone Rouge in French) is still uninhabitable because of the fighting during the Battle of Verdun. Unexploded ordinances, chemical poisoning (arsenic, chlorine, and phosgene) keep the area closed off.
  16. The Verdun Memorial is a war memorial in northeast France to commemorate the Battle of Verdun. Opened in September 1967, it remembers the French and German soldiers, along with the civilians who lost their lives.
  17. The Battle of Verdun symbolizes the determination of the French Army in France.

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