The Battle of Gallipoli

Battle of Gallipoli Facts

  • Battle Name: Battle of Gallipoli
  • Battle Start Date: February 17th, 1915
  • Battle End Date: January 9th, 1916
  • Battle Belligerents: Allied Powers and Central Powers
  • Battle Winner: Central Powers
  • Total Casualties: 500,000+

19 Battle of Gallipoli Facts for Kids

  1. The Battle of Gallipoli was a military campaign during World War 1.
  2. The Battle of Gallipoli is also known as the Gallipoli campaign, the Dardanelles campaign or the Battle of Çanakkale.

  3. The Battle of Gallipoli was fought between the Ottoman Empire and The United Kingdom.
  4. The Ottoman Empire was supported by the German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire (Central Powers).
  5. The United Kingdom was supported by French Third Republic and the Russian Empire (Entente Powers).
  6. The Battle of Gallipoli was fought in the Gallipoli Peninsula.
  7. The Battle of Gallipoli was fought between February 17th, 1915 and January 9th, 1916.
  8. The Battle of Gallipoli was fought for 10 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days.
  9. The Battle of Gallipoli was fought by because the Entente Powers were trying to take control of a sea route that could supply Russia and weaken the Ottoman Empire by capturing their capital Constantinople (Istanbul).
  10. The Entente Powers expected an easy victory against the Ottoman Empire. Prior to the Battle of Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire had one military defeat after another. The Entente Powers did little intelligence gathering, used outdated war ships and used inexperienced soldiers. The Entente Powers were so confidant they thought the Navy would win the battle without the use of soldiers.
  11. The Ottoman Empire won the Battle of Gallipoli.
  12. The Ottoman Empire’s victory was a huge and costly defeat for the Entente Powers.
  13. The Battle of Gallipoli resulted in a total of 552,000 casualties on both sides.
  14. The Entente Powers started with about 489,000 troops.
  15. By the end of the Battle of Gallipoli, the Entente Powers had 302,000 casualties.
  16. The Ottoman Empire started with about 315,500 troops.
  17. By the end of the Battle of Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire had 250,000 casualties.
  18. The famous British leader Winston Churchill almost ruined his career because of the Battle of Gallipoli. He helped mastermind the Gallipoli campaign and was the chief public advocate for it. While the Gallipoli campaign was a huge defeat for Churchill he slowly worked his way back into government and became the prime minster in 1940.
  19. The last surviving veteran of the Battle of Gallipoli was Alec Campbell. He is one of a very few veterans from that battle to survive into the 21st century. Campbell died at the age of 103 in May 2002.

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