Monsasaurus hoffmanni

Monsasaurus Facts

  • Species Type: Mosasaurus hoffmanni
  • Type of Mosasaurs: Squamata
  • Period: Late Cretaceous
  • Diet: Meat (carnivorous)
  • Life Span: Around 42 years
  • Length: Up to 56 feet
  • Weight: 40,000+ Pounds

14 Monsasaurus Facts for Kids

  1. The Mosasaurus was discovered in 1764, by lieutenant Jean Baptiste Drouin.
  2. The Mosasaurus got its scientific name Mosasaurus hoffmanni in 1829, by Gideon Mantell.
  3. The holotype skeleton for the Mosasaurus hoffmanni is MNHNP AC9648, which is just a skull.
  4. The name Mosasaurus means: Lizard of the Meuse River.
  5. The name Mosasaurus is pronounced: “MOE-zah-SORE-usis”.
  6. The Mosasaurus was part of a group of Mosasaurs known as aquatic squamates.
  7. The Mosasaurus is a member of the Mosasauridae family.
  8. The Mosasaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous Period between 66 and 70 million years ago.
  9. The largest discovered specimen of Mosasaurus had a length of up to 56 feet.
  10. The Mosasaurus was a carnivorous aquatic hunter, and their prey was most likely fish, marine reptiles, birds, pterosaurs, smaller mosasaurs and maybe even land dinosaurs.
  11. The teeth of a Mosasaurus were shaped like sharp spikes, allowing them grip and hold onto their prey.
  12. The Mosasaurus is estimated to have been one of the last of the mosasaurids.
  13. The Mosasaurus spent most of its time near the ocean surface, much like modern whales do, since they breathed air in a similar fashion.
  14. The Mosasaurus could be found in oceans around the globe during the Late Cretaceous Period.

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